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dirty house

Can a Dirty House Negatively Impact Your Health and Wellbeing? (Spoiler Alert: The Answer Is Yes)

A recent poll found that four in five Americans have started to rethink the way they view and approach their health in the past year. Many are wondering what they can do to lower their risk of a variety of problems, from respiratory issues to mental health issues. We’re here to let you in on…

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bathroom cleaning checklist

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist: How to Properly Clean a Bathroom

Does your bathroom need some shine put back into it? Cleaning a bathroom is one of the most arduous of household chores, and many people try to put it off. However, with just a few hints and tips, it does not need to be that bad. Below, we have prepared a helpful guide. Read on to…

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How to Keep Your Home Clean When You Live a Busy Lifestyle

A recent survey by the PEW Research Center uncovered the reality of modern living: we’re all really busy. The survey results found that people with multiple jobs or children felt the most overwhelmed and that, as a whole, technology is making us all feel like we’re stretched thin. No matter what occupies your time, it’s…

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Professional House Cleaning Cost: Is It Worth the Investment?

Between work and taking care of your family, finding time to clean your house is a nightmare. No matter how much you try to pencil house cleaning into your schedule, it never quite works out the way you planned. When you do get around to cleaning, it’s a half-hazard job that you’re not proud of….

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how to keep house clean

How to Keep Your House Clean and Enjoy Better Health As a Result

Americans spend, on average, six hours cleaning their homes each week, but many still wonder if this is enough. It can feel like the work of cleaning house is never done and it can be easy to let the cleanliness of a house slip away. Keeping the house clean is important, however. It has both…

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choosing maid services

8 Factors to Consider When Choosing Maid Services

When it comes to choosing maid services, you may think that it’s a no brainer. You simply can look up any cleaning service, hire them, and you are done. But not all house cleaning services out there will give you a quality service. Some only want a quick buck and overlook quality and satisfactory cleaning.  How…

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10 Common House Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Do you ever cut corners whilst cleaning? If you do, you’re definitely not the only one! Everyone wants a clean, tidy home in the quickest time possible, but this isn’t always a smart move for the longterm. In fact, by cutting corners and avoiding certain tasks, you might make cleaning your house much tougher in…

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house cleaning company

What to Look for in House Cleaning Services: A Full Guide

Are you a busy parent or professional? Are you looking for a house cleaning company? Believe it or not, home cleaning services aren’t all the same. When you’re ready to invest your money, you’ll want a quality outfit that knows exactly how to clean and disinfect your home. Here’s what you need to know about…

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weekly cleaning routine

A Realistic Weekly Cleaning Routine for Busy Homeowners

Nailing that presentation at work, making time for self-care, juggling your finances—who has the time for tidying up on top of all of that? Well, we’re here to say: you do. If these tasks float around in your head as vague to-do’s, they can get overwhelming fast. But with a weekly cleaning routine, you might…

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cleaning ideas

10 House Cleaning Ideas for Anyone Who Hates Household Chores

Did you know the average woman will spend almost 13,000 hours of her life cleaning? That’s if she spends only four hours every week cleaning. If you hate household chores, this statistic doesn’t just sound overwhelming but aggravating. If you want to get some of that time back, it’s time to get smarter about cleaning….

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