How to Keep Your Home Clean When You Live a Busy Lifestyle

A recent survey by the PEW Research Center uncovered the reality of modern living: we’re all really busy. The survey results found that people with multiple jobs or children felt the most overwhelmed and that, as a whole, technology is making us all feel like we’re stretched thin.

No matter what occupies your time, it’s not always easy to factor a clean home into your busy schedule. Nothing is more frustrating than deep-cleaning your bathroom or kitchen only to discover, a week later, that it needs to be cleaned again!

How can you keep your home clean in spite of your many obligations? We have some simple solutions to help.

Read on to learn our top home cleaning tips that will allow you to enjoy a clean home–without taking tons of time away from your daily routine.

Declutter as You Go

Believe it or not, being surrounded by clutter can actually impact your mental health. If you’re someone with a jam-packed schedule, decluttering can make your day feel smoother and less stressful, allowing you to get even more done.

The best way to keep the clutter to a minimum when you’re crunched for time is to tackle it throughout the day. After you cook, clean up your dishes and put away any ingredients you used in the process. Hang clothing back up after taking it off, rather than tossing it on the floor or on your bed.

Taking care of clutter as you generate it only takes a few minutes–sometimes even seconds–of your time. That’s a lot easier to approach than having to take an entire weekend afternoon to declutter the whole house!

Break Up the Chores Amongst Your Household

Do you feel like you’re the only one trying to keep things clean even though your schedule is already chaotic enough? Ask other members of your household to pitch in.

Designate certain chores for your children and partner. Alternatively, create a chore chart or wheel and rotate each person’s responsibilities for the week.

If everyone gives twenty to thirty minutes of their time once a week, keeping the house clean will feel much less burdensome. Plus, asking others to pitch in will also incentivize them to clean up their own clutter as they go!

Try the 15-Minute Cleaning Trick

Part of why we tend to shy away from cleaning when we’re already busy is that it feels like it will take hours. While you can spend an entire day cleaning from floor to ceiling, it isn’t the only way to keep things tidy.

Try committing fifteen minutes of each day to cleaning a specific area. For example, you can clean your bathroom sink and mirror in fifteen minutes or less. Then, you can spend fifteen minutes the next day cleaning the toilet and the shower.

Knowing that you only have to spend fifteen minutes of your time cleaning–even if you don’t finish–can make it a lot more palatable. Plus, as you continue this routine, it will become easier to clean each area of your home. If you’re cleaning fifteen minutes each day, you’ll probably hit the same spot at least twice a month, which means that it won’t be that dirty to start.

Consider Minimalism Where It Counts

You’ve probably seen the minimalist lifestyle gaining popularity thanks to hit Netflix shows and bestselling books about owning less stuff. The reality is that minimalism doesn’t work for everyone. If you don’t want to get rid of over 50% of your belongings, we don’t blame you!

However, cutting back on your belongings in specific areas can make a difference when it comes to cleaning.

For example, if you hate having to do massive loads of laundry or cleaning up piles of clean, discarded clothing, a capsule wardrobe can help. Capsule wardrobes consist of a small number of staple clothing items that all pair well together. By cutting down on the number of clothing items you have, you can spend less time picking an outfit and, more importantly, less time cleaning up all of your clothing.

Dishes are another thing you may want to cut back on. When we have tons of mugs, plates, and bowls, we may not feel inclined to wash them that often. Why clean the growing mountain of dishes in the sink when you still have clean ones in the cupboard? Reducing the number of dishes you have is a great way to remind yourself to run the dishwasher more often and reduce that stressful dirty dish build-up.

Outsource Your Cleaning Load

Simply too busy to clean? Let’s face it: cleaning does require time. Even if you break up the time you spend cleaning or designate chores to the members of your household, you’ll still have to find the time to get it done.

Fortunately, there is a solution that doesn’t require any of your time at all: hiring a house cleaning service. At Vantage Point Cleaning Services, we offer a number of cleaning packages designed to suit any household’s needs. Whether you prefer a weekly touch-up or a monthly deep clean, we are here to help.

You Can Have It All–Even a Clean Home

In the modern age, we’re all short on time. Whether you’re juggling your kid’s schedules or working long hours, prioritizing a clean home is easier said than done.

Having a clean home shouldn’t have to require you to reprioritize your time or drop some of your daily obligations. That’s where Vantage Point Cleaning Services comes in! We keep your home clean so that you can focus on the rest.

To find out more about our services and pricing, contact us for a free house cleaning quote. You tell us what needs to get cleaned and how often and we’ll take care of the rest!

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