Professional House Cleaning Cost: Is It Worth the Investment?

Between work and taking care of your family, finding time to clean your house is a nightmare. No matter how much you try to pencil house cleaning into your schedule, it never quite works out the way you planned.

When you do get around to cleaning, it’s a half-hazard job that you’re not proud of. It sounds like you might benefit from hiring a cleaning service. You’ve heard that the professional house cleaning cost is a bit outrageous, though.

Is getting your home cleaned by someone really worth it? The answer is yes depending on your situation. Keep reading to learn more.

Consider Your Budget

Most full-service cleaning companies charge about 50 dollars an hour. This can add up fast depending on how long it takes them to get everything sparkling clean.

An independent service can be cheaper. However, most of the time, it’s a single person that comes to clean the entirety of your home. So, while they only charge 10 dollars or so an hour, the cost adds up faster because they take a long while to clean your house.

This being said, you’ve got to do a little budgeting. Write down each of your bills and how much they cost on a piece of paper. Compare the price you add up to how much income you bring in each month.

If you don’t have 50-100 extra dollars laying around after everything is said and done, you won’t be able to hire a professional house cleaning service.

How Large Is Your Home?

The bigger your house, the longer that a cleaning service will have to take to get everything clean. Considering that most companies charge by the hour, it won’t take long for things to get a little out of hand.

That’s why it’s so important to get estimates. When you call a company, let them know how large your house is and ask them how much it will take for them to clean it. They should be able to give you a rough estimate.

Your Lifestyle

Of course, even a one-bedroom home will cost a ton of money if your expectations are set too high. If you need a completely spotless house, it will take them a long time to deliver those results.

Children and pets can bring joy into a home but they also create huge messes. The cleaning service you hire may have to use special equipment and chemicals to get the pet odor out which, costs more money.

If you’ve got several rooms that are more used than others, the cleaners will know where to focus their attention. This will help the process go much faster. If every room in your home sees heavy amounts of traffic, however, things get a little more complicated and expensive.

What’s Your Schedule Like?

If you stay busy, you might not have the time to come home and give your house a thorough clean. Still, is it worth your time to pay the cost of house cleaning services?

It’s not a problem if you don’t care about being home when someone is there to clean. If you prefer to stay away or you’re worried about your kids posing a distraction while the cleaners are trying to do their thing, you’ll have to figure out how to work around it.

Sometimes there is no right answer to this. This is especially true if you work from home and are always around. You’ll have to be at home with the cleaners or pack up and head to a coffee shop.

Do You Enjoy Cleaning and Are You Good at it?

If cleaning feels like absolute torture to you, you’re not going to do the same level of work that a professional can. You’re going to want to quickly wipe over everything and be done with it.

You also have to question if you’re even good at cleaning. A company will have all the equipment and expertise necessary to tackle any stain in your home. Can you say the same about yourself?

Types of Cleaning Services

Now that you’ve gotten to weigh some of the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a company, let’s talk about the services that are available to you. There are two main types of cleaning services: full-service and independent.


Full-service companies hire multiple staff members to go in and clean houses. Most of the time, two or more employees will team up to tackle a house. It makes the time go faster and they’re often more thorough.

They can also be a bit more expensive. They can charge upwards to 90 dollars an hour. Still, the cost of house cleaning services of this magnitude can be worth it.

Independent Services

Next up on the list are independent services. They are a tad cheaper than full-service cleaners.

You’ll be charged about 10 dollars an hour but only a single person will be coming into your home. As you can imagine, they will take a lot more time to clean everything.

It may also be difficult to schedule them because they already have a long line of clients ready to be seen.

Is the Professional House Cleaning Cost Worth It to You?

Is it hard for you to find time for cleaning in your schedule? Do you hate the idea of getting your hands dirty? It might be time for you to hire a cleaning service to tackle your home.

While the average professional house cleaning cost might be expensive, if it’s in your budget, it could be worth it. Services like ours have all the expertise and equipment needed to get your house sparkling clean. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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