8 Factors to Consider When Choosing Maid Services

When it comes to choosing maid services, you may think that it’s a no brainer. You simply can look up any cleaning service, hire them, and you are done. But not all house cleaning services out there will give you a quality service. Some only want a quick buck and overlook quality and satisfactory cleaning. 

How unfortunate it would be that your house is not like you had asked for. After all, you want a home that is fresh and clean. 

That being the case, it’s important to investigate well before choosing the right maid service. For example, what type of service would you like? What cleaning products are they currently using? These, and many more, are key questions to ask yourself before making up your mind.

Let us take a look at 8 factors you should take into account when choosing a cleaning service.

1. Are They Certified Cleaners?

Many people pay little attention to this factor since they think that certification is not necessary if they’ll only be cleaning. But if you do hire an uncertified cleaner you run the risk of being scammed or even worse, having your belongings stolen. That is why you should check if they are certified. 

Most reputable cleaning services have a Better Business Bureau Accreditation. What does this mean? The business is accredited for being honest, trustworthy and is recognized on a nationwide level.

Other recognizable certifications to look out for are Angie’s List, ConsumerAffairs, or Expresit.

2. How are their References And Reviews?

A factor closely linked to the one mentioned above is by looking into the certification agency rating and the opinion of the clients. We will use once again the Better Business Burea to see what is a good rating.

For example, only the best business on their system has a rating of an A+. To receive that rating, the company should be thoroughly inspected, have a transparent business practice, a low complaint volume as well as a good amount of time in the industry. 

Next, we should have a look at their reviews. Most websites allow you to see what their clients think about their services. Client testimonials coupled with the agency rating should make it clear to you that they are a reputable company.

3. What Cleaning Products Are They Currently Using?

Today, more than ever, it is critical to use the correct tools to combat nasty bacterias, microorganisms, and viruses. So knowing what house cleaning tools the company uses are important. You’ll be able to sleep peacefully knowing your house is protected from anything harmful to your family.

Professional maid services will have tailored their cleaning products for today’s common problems. Not only that, they will use products that are not harmful to your family or furry little critters. Professional cleaning services are adaptable as well so if you prefer for them to use your own, then ask beforehand.

4. Are They an Individual Maid or a Service Maid Team?

Depending on the size of the company, they may be able to send one maid or a team of maids to your home. Usually, the company will inform you of how many maids are used for house cleaning services. Why is it better to have more than one?

To begin with, having more than one will ensure that your house will be ready faster. Of course, this does not mean they clean less. Rather, they can reach more areas of the house in less time.

Most recognized house cleaning services have a team leader that double-checks after the other maids, ensuring an above-average quality of cleaning.

5. Do They Have Insurance?

While you are looking for a certified maid service company, you will come across the words “bonded” and “insured.” What does this mean? It means they have legitimate insurance and have made payments to a surety company for protection.

In event of a financial loss in the property, the insurance company will be responsible for paying it. In simpler terms, you can rest easy knowing that if (and this is not common in certified companies) something of your home is damaged or a family member is injured, that the company will pay for it. Which means you and your family are at no risk at all.

6. What Services Do They Offer?

Generally speaking, a cleaning service will perform general cleaning of the house. That means they will clean your rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms. So if you want more to be done it is important to see beforehand what other services they offer. 

Some companies may offer a deeper clean of certain areas. For example, they will also clean fan blades, deep clean your vacuum, or clean your doors. Perhaps you will be having a special event at your home which in that case, some services may have a special package for before and after

7. Do they Have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

Why is this important? Well if they do not have this and you are not happy with the cleaning service, they are by no means going to refund your money or even re-clean your house. 

Those companies that have this outlined on their website, offer either a refund for your money or a free of charge re-clean of your home. Meaning that they are set to give you full satisfaction for the service rendered.

8. How Flexible Are They?

As the customers, you want the service to be done at a convenient time for you. Some cleaning services are locked on to a specific schedule. While others have a schedule set out but are willing to adjust to the customer’s need.

Make sure to look out for that in your search.

Don’t Make a Hasty Decision When Choosing Maid Services

As you have seen, choosing maid services is a serious decision. Look over this list and evaluate the company you may be thinking about using. Remember that choosing the right cleaning company will result in better living conditions for you and your family. 

Feel free to contact us today! As experienced and well-known cleaning experts, we will be happy to give you the best service suited to your needs!

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