What to Look for in House Cleaning Services: A Full Guide

Are you a busy parent or professional? Are you looking for a house cleaning company?

Believe it or not, home cleaning services aren’t all the same. When you’re ready to invest your money, you’ll want a quality outfit that knows exactly how to clean and disinfect your home.

Here’s what you need to know about hiring a house cleaning team.

1. The Right Price

The average house cleaner charges between $130 to $170 per visit. Some cleaners charge per hour and others will charge you per project. Still, others may up the charge based on the size or difficulty of the job.

Get an estimate from at least three different companies before making your final decision. You’ll want to be sure that what you’re being quoted is a reasonable price for your job type and geographical area.

Some cleaners may give you a bit of a break if you’re scheduling regular bi-weekly or monthly cleanings. Make sure you know whether or not you can fit your house cleaner’s fee into your budget before you hire them. Some homeowners find the cost is well worth it because of the time and energy it saves them in cleaning fees.

Make sure you get the cost of your services in writing before you agree to hire a particular company. The right professionals will be willing to explain any fees you don’t understand and clarify exactly what you’ll be getting for your investment.

2. The Right Services

You’ll want to know what a regular home cleaning entails before you hire someone. It could involve tile scrubbing, floor cleaning, dusting furniture, and clearing cobwebs. They may vacuum, wipe down your mirrors, or wipe down appliances.

Some companies may charge extra for services like changing bedsheets or changing light fixtures. You may also be able to secure disinfecting for frequently touched surfaces for an extra added fee.

Decide which services will be worth the price to you and your family, and make sure the company you choose completes those most important to you for a cost you’re comfortable with.

3. Recommendations

Before deciding on a service, you’ll want to be certain that former clients are happy with the service. Ask trusted friends or family members who they would recommend before deciding on a company.

If you can’t get any personal recommendations, look on the Internet for cleaning companies in your area. Read online reviews and see what former clients are saying.

Be on the lookout for repeated negative comments. For example, if many people are saying that the service was frequently late, you’re probably getting a good idea of what your experience will be like.

You’ll also want to ask prospective companies for at least three references who can testify about their positive experiences. Make sure that what you’re hearing in-person matches what you’re seeing online.

If you’re seeing and hearing many of the same positive comments, you can be more confident that you’re making a good decision.

4. A Local Company

Remember that you’ll have to do some homework before finding the right cleaning company, so it’s important to find one close to your home. This is especially true if you’re hiring a regular repeated service.

Even if you’re only getting a one-time cleaning, however, you’ll want to go with a local company. They will be the most familiar with common cleaning issues and regulations in your area. A local outfit will also be easy to call up if you require their services in the future.

5. An Insured Company

In order to meet Ohio state requirements, businesses must provide workers’ compensation insurance. This covers medical bills and lost wages if one of their employees gets injured on the job.

It’s important for your cleaning company to have workers’ comp insurance so you as the homeowner won’t be held responsible if someone gets injured while working in your home.

6. A Company With Reliable Employees

Make sure you inquire about background checks for all employees before you allow a company to gain access to your home, especially if you aren’t planning on being there all the time.

You can also ask your company if they plan on sending the same cleaner to your house each time they work there.

7. A Company With Good Equipment

You can ask your company whether they plan on bringing their own cleaning supplies or using yours. You may, for example, have a company that plans to bring their own disinfectants, but will use the vacuum in your home.

In these days of extra precautions, they may also use EPA-level disinfectants to ensure compliance with COVID-19 regulations. Make sure your company has the most up-to-date supplies before you hire them.

8. Find Out About Extra Services

Maybe you know you’re moving and will need move-in and move-out services in a few month’s time. Or maybe you’ll require cleaning for a special event, such as a party you plan on hosting in your home.

Make sure you know if your company will be able to help you out with these important needs before you hire them. Find out about their availability, and how much they will charge.

Before you decide on a cleaning company, you’ll want to be certain that you won’t be left without help when you need it the most.

The House Cleaning Company For You

Finding a house cleaning company that best suits your needs and budget requires a bit of research. Once you’ve found the right business, however, you could be enjoying a clean house for the right price in no time.

Don’t stop getting clean now. For more information on local cleaning services, contact us today.

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