This Is How to Deep Clean a Toilet the Correct Way

We can all agree that cleaning the toilet is one of the worst household chores in existence. In a recent survey, almost 42% of adults rated it as the most hated chore.

While it’s certainly not an enjoyable task, it still must be done and must be done correctly.

As a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, it’s important that your toilet is regularly and properly deep cleaned. This is not the time for giving something a quick wipe-down.

But, it’s come to our attention that many people don’t even know how to deep clean a toilet. With seats, lids, crevices, handles, and so much mess it can be hard to feel confident that your toilet is germ-free after you’ve given it a scrub.

We’re here to teach you how to deep clean your toilet so you can rest assured there are no hidden germs lurking around.

Round-Up the Supplies

Even if you know how to deep clean a toilet the right way, you can’t do it without the proper supplies.

Chances are you already have bleach and disinfecting wipes from your regular home cleaning tasks. When it’s time to deep clean your toilet you need to make sure you have cleaners specific for the toilet bowl and the bathroom.

A toilet bowl-specific cleaner will have a thicker consistency than normal cleaners. It will also have an easy applicator for applying it up under the rim.

Cleaners designed for use in the bathroom are usually much more potent than all-purpose cleaners. You should avoid the temptation to reach for that general cleaner. You want the toughest cleaner for the toughest bathroom germs.

You definitely don’t want to forget one of the most important (and overlooked) items for a truly clean toilet: a toilet bowl brush.

We recommend opting for a toilet brush that comes with a holder. There are few things worse than trying to figure out where to put a brush that’s dripping with toilet water.

You’ll also need a good set of rubber gloves, paper towels, and sponges with a scrubber side.

Pro tip: between deep cleans, stash all your toilet cleaning and bathroom cleaning supplies away in the same place. When you get ready to give your toilet another deep clean it’s all in one place and ready to go!

How to Deep Clean a Toilet Like a Pro

Now that you’ve accrued all your supplies, it’s time to start cleaning. But you shouldn’t just start spraying and wiping anywhere.

We recommend starting in the toilet bowl. Most toilet bowl cleaners need to sit for about 10 minutes after you’ve scrubbed. By tackling the inside of the bowl first, you can let the cleaner work its magic while you focus on other parts of the toilet.

To clean the inside of the toilet bowl, grab your toilet bowl cleaner and apply it liberally around the rim. Next, grab your brush and scrub every part of the bowl. Don’t forget under the rim or down in the bend (where the water flushes to).

Once you’re done scrubbing: don’t flush it yet! Give that cleaner time to disinfect and move on to the outside of the toilet.

Before you use any cleaners on the toilet fixture itself, it’s best to give the whole thing a once-over with a disinfecting wipe. Most disinfectants work best when the surface they’re disinfecting has been pre-cleaned.

After using the wipes, grab your bathroom cleaner and liberally spray all exterior areas of the toilet. Here’s a rundown of all the places you should be hitting:

  • Both sides of the lid
  • Both sides of the toilet seat
  • The entire base (including the ledge under the seat)
  • The outside of the tank
  • That weird, small space between the seat and the tank
  • The flusher handle

Before wiping it down with a sponge or paper towel, check the label for how long the cleaner needs to disinfect. Don’t forget to flush now.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the supplies and steps for how to deep clean a toilet, we would love to handle the mess and stress for you. We offer customized cleaning options and free no-obligation quotes.

Bonus Tips for the Deepest Clean

Don’t ignore the hard-to-reach places! Yes, we know reaching around the base isn’t appealing, but you can’t skip these areas when you’re deep cleaning.

When you spray the base of your toilet, make sure to wipe the indentions where the toilet is attached to the floor. It’s commonly overlooked and is usually covered in a layer of dust from being so close to the floor.

Once your toilet is clean take a few extra minutes and also spray the baseboards and floor around the toilet, including the floor space between the back of the toilet and the wall. Part of cleaning a bathroom is mopping the floor and you might feel like this step is unnecessary while deep cleaning your toilet.

But, did you know that when you flush the toilet its aerosols spread an average of three feet? The floor and baseboards around your toilet are no doubt housing some gross toilet water germs.

By not deep cleaning the floor and baseboards, you could be tracking bathroom germs all over the floors in the rest of your house!

Say Goodbye to Dirty Toilets

Bathrooms are known for being full of germs and bacteria, but that doesn’t mean they have to be. A regular deep clean combined with frequent wipe-downs can help keep dirt, grime, and germs far away.

By following these tips and steps you can feel confident that you know how to deep clean a toilet.

If you’re in need of basic or deep cleaning tasks, contact us to see how we can customize a cleaning plan for you!

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