11 Essential Vacuum Tips for Homeowners

30% of Americans admit to not cleaning an area in their home out of arm’s reach. These areas are prime places for dust, dirt, and other indoor air contaminants to accumulate.

If you are looking for some vacuum tips to improve the overall level of cleanliness in your home you came to the right place. Learning how to vacuum the right way can amplify the level of cleanliness in your dwelling.

The benefits of vacuuming include boosts to your mental and physical health. Clean indoor air quality leads to a healthy respiratory system and clean spaces lead to self-esteem. Check out these 11 vacuuming for beginners tips.

1. Get the Right Vacuum

There are many different types of vacuums that each work for different circumstances. If you have a small apartment, you may want a smaller vacuum than if you have a large home.

There are also different types of vacuum designs to consider. Upright, canister, cordless, and handhelds are a few types to think about.

2. Think About Vacuum Features

Make sure that whatever home vacuum you choose has the appropriate features for your space. Some vacuums include detachable handheld vacuum apparatus. Others have extensions great for getting dirt stuck in nooks and crannies.

Some have specific wheel patterns or designs that allow for easy mobility. Do some research to see what features are most appropriate for your living space.

3. Craft a Routine

If you manage your vacuuming time the right way it won’t be a thrall to your chores. Some people pick a specific day of the week to vacuum. Others prefer a more freeform routine such as vacuuming before and after friends visit.

Pick a routine that works for you. If you notice yourself slipping, or your vacuuming gets neglected, tweak your routine to correct this.

4. Listen to Music or a Podcast

While some people like the mindless drone of the vacuum cleaner, it may be abrasive to others. Listening to music, a podcast, or other auditory stimulation is a great way to enjoy your chores as you do them.

5. Move Everything off Your Floor

If you have power cords, rugs, or any random miscellaneous items on your floors you should remove them before starting to vacuum. There is nothing more annoying than moving items mid-vacuum.

Vacuuming around items on your floor is a lazy way to do your cleaning inconsistently. Avoid doing this for thorough vacuuming.

6. Vacuum Surfaces First

Start by vacuuming the surface areas of your homes such as dusty countertops, couches, and chairs. You will knock some particulate matter loose onto your floor while doing this.

If you start by vacuuming your floor instead, you will have to go through and pick this particulate matter up again for a thorough clean. Don’t make this mistake, and start by vacuuming your surfaces for a fresher clean.

7. Take a Break

After you have gotten done with the surfaces of your home, or have spent a significant amount of time vacuuming you should take a break. Go for a walk outside, talk to a friend or eat something.

Science suggests that taking a break or micro-break intermittently throughout working will boost your productivity and lead to an overall better finished product.

8. Vacuum Tips for Your Floor

Now that you have finished your surfaces it is time to move onto the meat and potatoes of vacuuming: your floor. Start with the dirtiest area first.

Selecting the Right Outlet

If you have a corded vacuum, find a power outlet that is relatively central to your targeted room. This will help you avoid having to unplug your vacuum each time you run the length of your cord.

Make the First Pass

You should use a large roller vacuum such as an upright or canister vacuum to make the initial pass around your home. This will suck up the majority of dust and dirt.

Make a Second Pass

Now that you sucked up the majority of the dirt and dust on your floor, it is time to target those nooks and crannies. Pull out your vacuum extension tubes and do a targeted pass in the corners of your room.

Also, make sure to go after anything you may have missed with your larger roller vacuum on your first go around. Treat the second pass as your quality control vacuuming.

9. Maintain Your Vacuum

Immediately after you finish vacuuming you should empty your vacuum and clean its filter. If you forget to do this it will sit, start to smell, and end up gross.

If you vacuumed up something particularly nasty mitigate it with a thorough cleaning of your vacuum using non-abrasive cleaning products.

10. Conduct Spot Vacuuming as Needed

If an unexpected spill happens, or your place starts to look dirty, hop on it right away. Even if you have a weekly vacuuming routine, you can still do spot vacuuming as needed.

If you let a mess fester until cleaning day, it will take much more effort to clean. You will also be left with it for the entire duration of waiting which will take away from your peace of mind at home.

11. Call a Pro for a Deep Clean

Even the most thorough of cleans won’t stack up to a professional-level deep clean. If you aren’t prepared to put on some knee pads and get to scrubbing for half a day around your home every six months, call someone who is.

When you do call a pro, you should make sure to do some things before they show up. That way you will get the most out of their services.

A Clean Home Is a Healthy Home

Vacuuming is an essential part of maintaining a healthy home environment. It leads to better mental health and helps stop infestations of things such as fleas or dust mites.

Put the 11 vacuum tips in this guide into practice in your life. When you are ready for your deep clean, contact us. We can do the hardest part of your cleaning regime so you can enjoy your free time.

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