How Should I Prepare My House Before the Home Cleaners Arrive?

Did you know that it takes an average American parent 23 hours and 36 minutes a month to clean and do housework? 69% of them also say that the time spent on housework makes them miss out on quality time with their loved ones.

To solve this issue, you can hire home cleaners. They’ll come and make your home spic and span so you don’t have to spend your time and energy on it, which leaves you free to spend time with your family.

But in order for the home cleaners to do their jobs effectively, you actually need to prep beforehand!

So what do you need to do to prepare for professional home cleaning? Read on to find out!

Clean Up Clutter

Home cleaners are here to clean, but they’re not here to clean up your clutter. In fact, all clutter does is hinder their jobs. Not only does it make it harder to clean, but it also makes it take longer.

So before your home cleaners come, tidy up. Pick up and put away all your children’s toys on the floor, pick up clothes and put them in the hamper, trash the junk mail on your table, and get everything off your bathroom vanities.

By getting rid of clutter, you’ll make it much easier for the cleaners to wipe down surfaces and sanitize them.

Wash Your Dishes and Put Them Away

Washing dishes is not in your home cleaners’ job description. You need to take care of washing your dishes and putting them away, whether you do them manually or have a dishwasher.

Either way, you want to ensure that your cleaners have good access to the sink and the surrounding areas. Otherwise, it’ll be tough for them to get those spotless.

Plus, an added bonus is that once you’ve washed your dishes and put them away, you’re done with those chores! You won’t have to worry about doing them after the cleaners have left.

Put Away Fragile Things

Do you have a family heirloom on display on your mantlepiece? It might look great there, but it’s a disaster waiting to happen!

It’ll be worth it to put away these fragile things for a few hours while you have cleaners over. Even the best cleaning company and most meticulous workers will suffer from accidents from time to time, and you don’t want it to be at your home! And if you put away these priceless items, they’ll have better peace of mind while getting your house pristine.

Make Your Bed or Leave Out Fresh Linens

Most home cleaners will make your bed for you. But to save time and have them focus on cleaning, you can go ahead and make your bed.

If you’d like them to do it for you, make their job easier by leaving out fresh linens. They can then strip the bed, put the fresh linens on, and put the old ones in the wash quicker.

Secure Your Pets

If you have pets in the home, then do your cleaners a favor and secure them before the appointment date. Whether it’s a dog, cat, rat, or guinea pig, if they usually free-roam, they need to be put away.

While some home cleaners do appreciate having a furry friend to keep them company, most would prefer you put them in their cages or crates so they don’t have to worry about accidentally injuring or harming your pets while working. Plus, some cleaners might have allergies or phobias of certain animals, so it’s better to be safe than to be sorry!

Make Special Requests Beforehand

Perhaps you’ve got a moody teenager in the house who doesn’t want their collection of action figures touched. Or maybe you’ve got an extra-dusty window that needs special attention.

Whatever it is, make sure you tell your home cleaners about these special requests before they get started. This will ensure that no one will be upset and that extra attention is paid where it needs to be.

You might want to consider doing a complete walkthrough of your house the first time they come. That way, they can get familiar with specific preferences you might have for how things are done.

Set Out Cleaning Products if You Have a Preference for Them

The majority of cleaning companies will send their workers with all the equipment they need to get a house sparkling clean. So you won have to worry about providing them with the tools they need to work.

However, if you want your home to be cleaned with specific products (such as eco-friendly cleaning sprays), you should set these out for your home cleaners. You can explain these products when making special requests.

Have Tips at the Ready

There’s nothing more embarrassing than wanting to reward someone for a job well done, only to find that you have no cash with you.

Make sure that you make a trip to the ATM and get some cash out. It’s a good idea to take out a little extra, should they do an exemplary job!

Hire Home Cleaners Today

Home cleaners can be a godsend, especially if you already have a busy lifestyle and feel like you’re missing out on making memories with your loved ones. These professionals can keep your house tidy and clean so you don’t have to feel even more drained than you already are.

And by knowing exactly what to do to prepare your house before these pros arrive, you’ll make things easier for everyone involved! So utilize the above tips to ensure your home will be cleaned as effectively as possible.

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