Kitchen Cleaning Checklist: How to Properly Clean a Kitchen

Alfred Hitchcock said it best: “Happiness really is a small house with a big kitchen.” In other words, kitchens are special parts of any household. They’re the heart and soul of the home and an epicenter of action. It’s the one room where everybody comes together to cook, share a meal, and tell each other about the day. However, all that activity comes at a cost. The nature of having a busy kitchen means it’s susceptible to getting grubby. All manner of dirt, detritus, grease, and grime can accumulate over time. A kitchen cleaning checklist and a commitment to keeping it spotless are key to ensuring it stays a safe and sanitary space.

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Keep reading to discover the ins and outs of cleaning a kitchen from top to bottom.

Do the Daily Wipe-Down

Some parts of the kitchen clean-up are ongoing affairs — especially when you’ve got a big family and a full house to take care of.

Wiping down kitchen surfaces is one of them.

Do your best to stay on top of the crumbs, spills, and splatters that occur on countertops each day. An all-purpose spray and a damp cloth should do the trick. Use a dust-pan a brush to clean away anything that’s fallen onto the floor.

Remember the range as well. It’s best to clear away those pesky pasta sauce stains before they have a chance to settle.

Clean, Dry, and Put Away the Dishes

The steady stream of dirty dishes that arise throughout the day can be the bane of any kitchen clean-up attempts. Do your best to stay on top of things!

Wash any stray dishes by hand and use a towel to dry them straight away. You can then pop your dishes straight back into the cupboard, creating more space in the kitchen. When that’s done, use a sponge and your all-purpose cleaner to clean up the sink and drying board.

Got a dishwasher? Don’t forget to unload it. Oh, and clear out any food scraps that threaten to block the filter.

Sweep and Mop

Kitchen floors can soon get grubby with all the foot-traffic they get through them each day. Every day (or once a week, at least), aim to sweep up any food that’s fallen onto them.

We recommend wiping down the sides again first, though.

That way, you’ll have cleared any crumbs onto the floor, ready to be swept up. Doing it the other way around would mean pushing those crumbs onto your freshly swept floors.

Take the time to mop up too, using a mix of hot water and floor cleaner. Doing this once a week or so will prevent any unsanitary dirt from building up over time.

Wipe Down the Appliances

Sorting out the appliances is one of the most time-consuming parts of cleaning a kitchen. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to keep everything spick and span.

Think of all the grubby fingers that have been touching, pressing, and handling the different devices in the room. Fail to clean them regularly and appliances can become a hotbed of germs.

Every week or so, give everything from your toaster and microwave to your kettle and coffee pot a quick once over. Spray and wipe them with an all-purpose cleaner and a damp cloth.

Remember the refrigerator as well — its doors and handles will need some serious attention if you haven’t wiped them down in a while.

Clear Out Old and Odorous Foodstuffs

There’s literally nothing worse than a foul-smelling fridge.

Whether it’s the milk that goes bad or last night’s leftovers, it’s enough to put anybody off their meals! Be sure to periodically clean out any foodstuffs from the refrigerator that have gone old or bad.

You’ll avoid the nasty smells and be less likely to eat something that’s off at the same time. Why not combine the cleanout with a deep clean of the refrigerator’s interior surfaces too?

Once again, your all-purpose cleaner and a damp cloth should remove any spills/dirty spots. You’ll keep everything nice and sanitary as a result.

Don’t Forget the Cupboards and Drawers

When was the last time you cleaned your cupboards and drawers? (Your kitchen drawers, that is…)

If you’re like most people, we’re guessing it was a while ago when you last spring-cleaned. Time to rectify that.

Once a month or so, clear everything out of your cupboards and drawers and set about deep cleaning the surfaces. Wipe down the shelves, doors, and any other area that looks in need of a clean.

Empty your drawer dividers and sanitize them with all-purpose cleaner as well. Seriously, they’re as good at harboring dirt and germs as they separating your cutlery. A regular clean out’s essential for keeping them hygienic.

Wash the Cloths

Here’s a quick and easy one:

Have you been using the same table cloths, washcloths, and kitchen towels all week? They’re sure to have accumulated a host of stains, marks, and germs too.

Throw them in the washing machine on a long, hot wash to change that.

Deep Clean Your Oven

Cleaning the oven is the one task that everybody dreads.

Unfortunately, that means the dirt, grease, and grime builds up over time. The result? The thought of cleaning it becomes increasingly unappealing.

Even worse, though, a serious fire-hazard develops too. Indeed, 20% of house fires are caused by dirty ovens. Don’t risk it happening to you.

Whether you use a store-bought oven cleaner or a homemade recipe (baking soda, vinegar, and water work well), we recommend doing it every month.

Remember This Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Kitchens are one of the busiest and most beloved rooms of any household. The result?

They get dirtier than any other room as well! And, given the need to prepare and cook your meals in them, it’s of paramount importance that you keep them clean, tidy, and germ-free at all times.

Hopefully, this kitchen cleaning checklist will help you do exactly that.

Does the whole shebang sound like too much hard work? Want to hire a professional cleaning company to do it all for you?

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