Creating A Checklist For Spring Cleaning

The signs of spring are right around the corner, but you’re stuck with the same unclean feeling in your home. You can change this with a little spring cleaning. The spring cleaning can’t be just a simple one. Deep cleaning is only done by 26% of America when it comes to spring cleaning. You need to create a plan to successfully spring clean, and a checklist can help you make this plan.

How You Should Be Spring Cleaning

For many people, spring cleaning is just picking up anything they find in each room and giving the furniture a little reorganizing. Spring cleaning is more than this. The entire house needs to be deep cleaned with spring cleaning. A thorough systematic cleaning must happen until the entire home is spotless. It can be difficult to do this, especially when you can’t remember what already been cleaned and what comes next. Anything larger than an apartment with one bedroom can make things difficult. The checklist is the best way to make sure everything gets cleaned.

The Checklist For Spring Cleaning

Make a nice cup of coffee for yourself, grab a pen and find a notebook for writing. In the notebook, make a list of every part of your home that needs cleaning. This includes bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, the kitchen, storage spaces, the garage, and even the patio. Make a note of spots that require a higher reach and ones that are close to the ground. Include the refrigerator and any air vents as well. Spots with little use, such as drawers with utensils and medicine cabinets, should be added to the list. There might be a lot of unused items in your kids rooms, especially in places like their wardrobe and toy box.

Creating A Checklist For Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a must for spring cleaning. Make a column right next to the checklist you previously made. Take a moment to think about anything that can benefit from deep cleaning. Spaces that are hard to reach are perfect for this. Hard to reach spots under furniture, book and media shelves, and wardrobes will really need it. The final column will be the home to your deep cleaning checklist. You’ll have to make a note of cleaning products that you’ll need to buy, because there is a good chance that you may not have them already. Your family and their healthy are truly important. They can get sick from being in a dirty home. It’s almost time for you to get started.

The Art of De-cluttering

There is a huge importance to de-cluttering in spring cleaning. Simply shuffling things around and packing away items in boxes is what a lot of people do. This is only moving, not cleaning. Spring cleaning is more than moving something from point A to point B. How should de-cluttering be done? You have to clean without hesitation. Think of your home as someone else’s home that you want to de-clutter. Should you really keep something in your home if you haven’t used for more than half a year?

Keeping Your Home Clean

Sticking to the checklist you’ve made and actually doing the spring cleaning is important. However, beyond the initial cleaning, your home has to also be kept clean. A schedule will make it easier to help you know when cleaning should be done. If you have trouble adhering to a schedule, you can always ask for help. Give Vantage Point Cleaning Services a call and they can help keep your house clean.

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