10 Essential Tips for Cleaning a Bathroom

Of all the rooms in a house or building, bathrooms are one of the least favorites to clean. On the flip side, if someone visits your home or office, they will excuse messiness in any space except the bathroom. This room and the kitchen speak to your level of cleanliness.

Investing in professional cleaning services is one way to ensure your bathroom is always in tip-top shape. They know the right products to use, which cleaners are best for each surface, and they always leave a room smelling fresh.

Are you dreading the process of cleaning a bathroom? Keep reading for 10 essential tips on how to clean a bathroom like a pro.

1. Buy Products Used for Cleaning a Bathroom

The most important part of cleaning a bathroom is having the right cleaners and knowing how to use them. A lot of people are overcome by the fumes in cleaners after mixing products like bleach and ammonia

Read the labels carefully on all products and only use them as instructed. In most cases, all you need is little elbow grease to remove the toughest stains. 

There are plenty of products on the market that are safe for both humans and pets that do not contain harsh chemicals.

2. Set a Schedule

As with most things in life, if we set a schedule for completing tasks it helps to overcome the anxiety of doing them. Some people get caught up in the task of cleaning the bathroom and kitchen and fail to get to other rooms. 

There is no rule that states you must clean the entire house on the same day. It’s okay to spread out your cleaning schedule. 

You can also organize your cleaning day by toughest jobs or easiest. Whatever you decide to do, ensure that you stick to the plan.

3. Tidy-up Between Cleanings

To make life easier, tidy-up the bathroom at the end of each day. Place dirty towels and worn clothing in a hamper. Replace tops on bottles, and wipe up spills. 

By doing this, you make your actual cleaning day run smoothly and go faster. You’ll also have an idea of how much time will be needed to get the job done.

4. Remove and Wash the Rugs and Towels

On cleaning day, remove all the bathroom rugs and towels. Throw them in the washer and dryer, or hang outside to dry. 

The main bathroom in your house may have decorative towels on display. It is a good idea to wash these because you never know if someone has used them by mistake. Also, make sure you clean shower curtains and liner, regularly to prevent mildew stains from the moisture in the room

Your rugs do not need to be washed every week, but you should take them out and shake-free any dirt and dust particles. 

5. Start with the Bathtub and Shower

The bathtub and shower are usually the bulk or bathroom cleaning tasks. Soap scum, mold, dirt or grime can buildup quickly. Using a shower cleaning spray after each use can go a long way in ensuring there is no build-up between cleaning.

When it comes to how to clean a shower, start by removing everything from the area including rags, loofah sponges, shampoo, body wash, and other products.

Spray the walls and glass enclosures with your cleaners. Wipe the areas down and rinse them off. Next, move to the bathtub. If you have a separate shower stall, clean the shower floor.

Don’t forget to clean the soap dish and product shelves, as well as the faucet. Use a cleaning cloth to dry the shower and tub surfaces.

6. Sanitize the Toilet

Next up is how to clean a toilet. You can do this first step before tackling the shower and tub. Cover the walls of the toilet with a toilet cleaner. These products come in a squeeze bottle to make it easier to reach the upper levels.

Using a toilet cleaning brush, wipe around the inside of the toilet and underneath the toilet seat. If you clean the bathroom weekly, this step will take less than a minute.

For the outside of the toilet, to preserve its surface, avoid harsh cleaners. Take a wet rag and wipe it down. 

7. Clean the Sink

The bathroom sink mirrors the tub. Spray the sink with cleaner, wipe around the inside, and then use a cloth or towel to dry up the residual water in the sink.

Take the same cloth and wipe down the faucet and water knobs.

8. Clean Off the Countertops

We are all guilty or leaving care products on the counters. Whether it’s make-up, toothpaste, or deodorant, everything needs a storage space.

Put everything away and set aside decorative items. Using your bathroom cleaner, spray the surface, and wipe down the countertops and backsplash. 

Next, clean your mirror surfaces and towel holders. 

9. Sweep and Mop the Floors

You’re almost finished. Take a good look around the bathroom to ensure you haven’t missed anything. Now it’s time to sweep and mop the floor.

You want to do this last because once you are done mopping you want to leave the bathroom until the floor dries. Or you use a towel or drying cloth to get up the moisture.

10. Light a Soft Fragrance Candle

The final step to cleaning a bathroom is to replace the bathroom rugs, mats, and shower curtains. Light a fragrant candle to give the room a fresh scent. For bathrooms, we recommend light fragrances such as ocean breeze, cotton, or linen.

Clean Like a Pro or Hire One

We hope these 10 tips for cleaning a bathroom will help you keep a spotless bathroom. Not allowing yourself to bypass the process makes cleaning easier.

If you still aren’t feeling it, that’s okay. Our team of professionals is ready to come in and give your bathroom the TLC it deserves.

Click here if you are in the Strongsville, Ohio, area, and would like a quote on our cleaning services. We look forward to hearing from you.

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