10 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Cleaner

Do you aspire to have a perfectly clean house? You know, the kind of house where things are not only tidy, put away, and organized, but clean too. Would you be surprised to learn that having a clean house is good for your health? Even if you’re not surprised by this, you might still be facing the struggle of how to get your house clean and then keep it clean too. Do you dream of having a professional cleaner come in and do the work for you?

Most busy people find it a struggle to find the time they need to clean regularly. And even those who consider cleaning services might wonder if spending the money on it is worth it.

Read on for the 10 reasons you should consider hiring a professional cleaning service to come in regularly to clean your home.

1. Expertise

There is a real science to cleaning and cleaning properly. When you hire cleaning professionals you get people who are trained to clean a house properly.

A professional will have an efficient approach to making sure your house gets cleaned completely each time they visit. Because they use the materials and cleaning supplies daily, they know the best equipment and materials to use too. That nagging stain you can’t get out of your vintage rug, they might know how to remove it.

2. You Are Busy

Let’s face it, you are a busy person. Between a career, family obligations, your kids’ sports and hobbies, you barely have time to sleep and shower, let alone clean your house regularly.

While you might have the best of intentions when it comes to cleaning your house, sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to do it all. It might make sense to take one time-consuming task off your plate and bring in the professionals for regular cleaning.

3. Time Is Money

Your time is valuable and time is money. Sure, you can clean your house. It also might use all of your free time on a Saturday. Instead, you could be watching your kids play soccer, spending quality time with your family. You might even have a job that comes home with you.

If you can free yourself up from the cleaning chores, you get it done during the day instead of the late-night work sessions after the kids are in bed.

In the end, you might find that the money you spend on a cleaning service is money well spent for the free time you get in return.

4. Consistent Clean

One of the first things a professional cleaning service is likely to tell you is that it might take them a few visits to get your house in tip-top shape. They need to learn about your house and how you use it. They need to address those extra dirty spots you’ve been ignoring.

But the great thing about a cleaning crew in your home is that once they get it all clean, they can keep it consistently clean. If they start to come following a consistent schedule, you will find yourself living in a house that is always clean.

5. Customized Cleaning Plan

When you hire a cleaning service, they want to know what you want to be cleaned and how frequently. Sure, they will have a plan and even suggestions. But ultimately, they will clean what you want to be cleaned. Perhaps, you want them to tackle a big item like cleaning the fridge when they come and in return, you will change your own bedding.

Maybe you only want bedding changed every other visit. Maybe cleaning the bathrooms and dusting all surfaces is your priority. Professional cleaners will do what you ask and you can set up a custom cleaning plan that works for you.

6. Hard to Reach Spots

Maybe you are one of the few people who can keep up with day-to-day cleaning. But you’ve been ignoring some of those harder-to-reach places.

Has it been a while since your doors and baseboards have been wiped down? Has anyone cleaned the top of your refrigerator lately? Cleaning services mean they not only clean your bathrooms and kitchen, but they also clean those often ignored, hard-to-reach spots too.

7. Regular Dusting

Maybe you are able to keep up with the laundry and the vacuuming. When was the last time your house got a good and thorough dusting? Think of the long list of places that need dusting in your home:

  • Tops of tables
  • Table legs
  • Mirrors
  • Art and picture frames
  • Lamps and lampshades
  • Hanging light fixtures
  • Bookshelves and the books on those bookshelves
  • Every single decorative item on every single table and shelf
  • Window sills
  • Television
  • Ceiling fans
  • Binds
  • Top of your refrigerator
  • Underneath your refrigerator

This list doesn’t include things like dressers in bedrooms or the desk in your home office. A cleaning service will do regular dusting on all these surfaces so they stay consistently clean.

8. Really, Truly Clean Bathrooms

Cleaning the bathroom means more than pulling a disinfectant wipe out of the tub and swiping it over your bathroom sink. Bathrooms have a whole host of surfaces that need not only cleaning but disinfecting too.

Your toilet should be scrubbed and wiped down weekly. You want your shower and tub cleaned along with bathroom counters and the floor too.

Your cleaning crew can make sure you have truly clean bathrooms each time they come.

9. Clean Kitchen Too

If your house is like most, the kitchen gets its share of wear and tear. From family meals, meals on the run, to late-night snacks, there is likely a slew of family members in and out of the kitchen making and grabbing food.

While they might be good at grabbing food, are they good at cleaning it up? A cleaning service can wipe down cabinets and counters regularly and keep your appliance looking good as new too.

10. Consistent Cleaning Equals a Healthier Home

This takes us back to where this article started in that a clean house is a healthier one. If you have family members with allergies, a clean house will help them.

When your house gets cleaned regularly you remove dust, allergens, bacteria, and other pesky substances that can interfere with your healthy life.

Getting a Professional Cleaner for Your Home

Are you excited at the thought of not having to clean your house over the weekend? Does the idea of walking in from work to find a clean house make you thrilled? It might be time to hire a professional cleaner for your home.

If you’re interested in learning more about our cleaning services, we would love to connect with you. Contact us today to get more information about our cleaning services for your home.

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