9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a House Cleaner

Approximately 924,290 people in the U.S. perform house cleaning and maid services. That might seem like a lot of people in this industry, but think about it – cleaning is a vital part of life for homeowners and business owners.

People today are busier than ever, which often means that homeowners don’t have the time or energy they need to clean their houses. As a result, people turn to maid services.

If you’re thinking about hiring a house cleaner, you should know that this is a great decision. Before you hire one, though, you might want to ask the following nine questions to make sure you choose the right company.

1. Do You Need a House Cleaner?

The first question to ask is one that you should ask yourself: do you need a house cleaner? If you can’t keep up with your housework, it’s a sure sign that you do.

You can also check out some other signs to help you determine if you need to hire a professional cleaner. 

Many people hire house cleaners because their lives are so busy that they don’t have time to clean. Other people hire this out because they want a clean home without having to do the work themselves.

There’s no wrong reason to hire a maid service to clean your house for you. If you want a clean house and are willing to pay for it, you can hire a company to take over these duties for you. 

2. What Services Do You Need the Most?

If you’re wondering how to hire a house cleaner, you might want to ask yourself what services you need the most.

House cleaning services can help you with any tasks you might need help with around your house, but you can choose what they do. Some people can keep up with the clutter, but they can’t get to the deep-cleaning tasks.

Other people can handle most of their regular weekly cleaning activities, but they need help with the big jobs that they need to do every few months. 

3. How Long Have You Been in Business?

The next questions are all questions to ask a maid service. The first one to ask them is how long they’ve been in business. By asking this, you can determine their level of experience. 

If you choose a newer company, they might not have the same level of experience as a company that’s been around for five or ten years. 

4. Will You Send the Same Workers Each Time?

You should also ask a house cleaning services company if they will send the same workers each time they come. Some companies send the same workers each week, while others don’t. 

When the same people come each time to clean, they learn your house. They also learn your needs and desires, and you might prefer having the same person each time. 

You can develop a level of trust when the same person comes each time, which is also helpful when hiring a maid company.

5. How Often Do You Recommend Services?

You might also want to ask the cleaning company about the frequency of the services. How often do you recommend services? How long will it take each time? 

Getting weekly maid services is usually the best option. When they come to your house to clean weekly, they can keep up with the housework. It will take them less time each week, and your house will always be spotless. 

6. What Basic Services Do You Include?

When hiring a maid, you might also want to ask about the basic services each cleaning includes. Most maid companies let you customize the services to your needs, and you can ask if they offer this option.

When you can customize the services, you tell them what you want them to do. If you want a basic cleaning, it will likely include dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the floors, doing the dishes, and cleaning the bathrooms. 

Basic cleanings might also include laundry services, but they generally don’t include decluttering services. You can hire them to declutter, though, if you need this service. 

7. How Often Will You Perform Extra Deep-Cleaning Services?

Next, you may want to ask how often the maid service will perform the extra deep-cleaning services that you need.

For example, experts recommend cleaning the inside of a stove every three months. As a result, your cleaning company won’t clean this part of your house every time they come, but they could clean it once in a while. 

You might also want to ask them to wash your windows a few times a year or other tasks that you might not need often. 

8. What Is the Cost for the Services?

When hiring a cleaning company, you should also ask about the costs. Some cleaning companies charge an hourly rate, while others have a standard fixed fee. 

They can give you a quote for the services and frequency you request, and you can determine if it seems fair to you. 

9. Are You Insured?

Finally, you may want to ask the company if they’re insured. Hiring an insured cleaning crew is vital.

Their insurance covers any damage that might occur while they are there. It also includes coverage for injuries they might encounter while cleaning your home. 

Most cleaning companies have insurance, but you should still ask just to make sure. If you find out a company doesn’t have it, look for a different one to hire. 

Ask These Questions When Hiring a House Cleaner

If you ask these questions when hiring a house cleaner, you’ll find the right company for the services. Imagine all the free time you’ll have if you hire this out, and think about how clean your house will be afterward.

As you begin searching for the right company to hire, you might want to consider contacting Vantage Point Cleaning Services. We operate in the Strongsville, OH area and would love to give you a quote for services. 

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