Why You Should Have Your Rental Property Professionally Cleaned

Are you aware that 36% of households are renters? If you own rental properties, you should have no shortage of interest. But in a crowded field, you’ll want your rental property to stand out from the competition. 

Read on to learn why you should invest in professional cleaning services for your rental property!

Speed Up Turnaround Time Between Renters

When one tenant vacates your property, you want to minimize the time when your house is empty. Every day that goes by means you’re paying for utilities and other costs without making any income.

Fortunately, you won’t need to bank on leaving a large window of time between renters if you’re prepared. Good cleaning services can come to the rescue so your property is move-in ready.  

After one tenant moves out, a cleaning service can work with you to schedule a cleaning quickly. In some cases, they may be able to do a thorough cleaning the same day your last tenant turns in their key. In that case, you may be able to schedule the next tenant’s move-in day just 24 hours later. 

While you will need to pay money for professional cleaning, you’ll recoup the costs. Reducing the turnaround time between tenants means you’ll be generating new income almost right away. 

Elevate Your Property’s Appearance

If you’re trying to appeal to renters in a crowded market, every little touch counts. An easy way to make your property look more attractive is with a professional cleaning. 

You may need to show prospective tenants the property, for instance. They’ll notice gleaming windows, clean countertops, and freshly vacuumed carpet. This will signal to them that you care about the property’s appearance and maintenance. 

Professional cleaners will have a checklist of items and areas that they’ll clean. Maybe you own a multi-unit property with a more frequent turnover. This can make cleaning a daunting task if you try to do it yourself. 

Professional cleaning services will offer consistency in their cleanings from one unit to the next. You’ll always know what to expect!

Additionally, getting your property cleaned will help keep your property in better condition for years to come. When you do a deep clean of the bathroom sink or shower, for instance, you’ll remove corrosive elements that can damage fixtures and tiles. That means you won’t have to spring for a new faucet or tile repair. 

Besides, a good cleaning service will know which products are best to use on particular surfaces. For example, using the wrong cleaner on laminate floors can chew away the protective coating. Instead, good cleaners will have the perfect product to make your floors look better while offering protection. 

Ultimately, by staying on top of grime from typical wear and tear, you’ll keep your property looking its best. That will make your property more appealing to renters. And it will save you money!

Attract Better Renters

As a landlord, you don’t want just anyone taking up residence in your property. Not only will bad renters be late on those critical rent payments, but they’ll also be more likely to treat your property poorly. You may have to deal with blemishes on walls, carpet stains, and other costly issues.  

A property that doesn’t look professionally cleaned might reduce your number of renter applicants, too. If you’re stuck agreeing to new tenants just to pay your bills, you can’t be choosey. And you might end up with people who cause more damage to floors, walls, and appliances.

The best way to avoid this situation is by making your property look better. Then you’ll attract renters who are less likely to be rough on the property. And you won’t be trapped in a position of desperation.  

Attracting renters is one thing, but retaining them is another. When prospective renters see a clean home, they might be more inclined to stay longer. You’ll get a more reliable source of income and not need to spend as much time hunting down new tenants.

As another benefit, you’ll be able to charge more for rent if your property looks good. Make sure you have an application ready to help screen candidates, too. You can check to ensure they have the finances to afford the place and ask for references. 

Run a More Efficient Operation

Whether you own a single rental property or 5 of them, managing your rental business takes time. And as a landlord, you’re swamped with responsibilities. After all, landlords have to tackle electrical and plumbing repairs or deal with security concerns. 

Outsourcing the cleaning removes one big responsibility from your to-do list. You could spend hours trying to do even a minimal cleaning if you take on the task yourself. And the more square footage you’re working with, the longer the job will take. 

You can save hours or even days by going with professional cleaning services. Then you can invest your time into expanding your marketing efforts or even securing another rental property. Plus, with professional cleanings, you’ll have clean rooms to photograph for your marketing materials. 

You can grow your business when you’re willing to delegate tasks. Enlist the pros so you can invest in more significant decisions that affect your future income potential.

Keep Your Rental Property in Good Shape

When you own a rental property, you can improve your business by turning to cleaning services for help. They’ll ensure that your property looks professional for showings and new tenants. And they’ll help you run a more efficient operation and appeal to better renters.

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