How To Clean Before Moving House

With all of the stress that comes along with moving house, it can be tempting to skimp on cleaning. But it’s critical that you clean the house before you leave. The sale of the home can actually be impacted by cleanliness. 

Some buyers add it to the contract that the house must be clean before they move in. Buyers can walk away from the sale at the final walkthrough. Not adequately cleaning the house could put you at risk.

But how do you clean your house, so it’s up to these standards? Let’s take a look at how you should clean before moving house.

Strategize Your Cleaning Chores

Luckily, if you create a strategy and cleaning checklist, cleaning your home before moving doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Starting as early as you can will allow you to complete all of the necessary tasks with less stress. In fact, if you can start cleaning even before you put the house up for sale, you’ll thank yourself later.

Starting that early might not be realistic for some people. No need to stress. You can also make the job easier by creating a plan of attack.

Make sure to work room by room. This will ensure you don’t miss anything. 

You should also clean from the top down in each room. This will allow any dirt or debris to fall lower, meaning you can clean up the dust later when you do the lower areas of the room.

Don’t Forget the Commonly Forgotten

When you clean a house for the last time, it’s easy to overlook some parts. After all, you might not see or use them on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at things that are commonly forgotten and that you need to remember to clean.

Drip pans in stoves should be cleaned. While this might seem like a huge task, soaking them can help get rid of any food debris that is stuck fast.

Ceiling fans and other light fixtures should also be cleaned. Don’t forget to clean the tops of blades and any ornamentation on the fixtures too.

After you have removed all of your belongings from the cabinets and drawers in your home, make sure to go back and clean them – both inside and out.

When you live in a home for a while, you become nose-blind to it. If there is an unpleasant smell, you might not even notice that it’s there. Unfortunately smells like these can make your home seem dirty even if it’s not.

To find any of these, make sure to leave for a while and then come back and notice the smell. Alternatively, you can ask a friend for an honest opinion.

Air fresheners can cover up most smells. Some cleaning processes, such as carpet shampooing, can also help. However, if unpleasant or strong smells are still lingering, you may want to consult a professional cleaner.

Clean Everything Out

When you clean the house, it’s important that you remove all of your personal items. This can make it much easier to clean every area that’s needed. In addition, new resident probably doesn’t want your old stuff.

You might think they may want items that work well in the house, such as shower curtains or trash cans. However, these are almost always unwanted.

Make sure to check your contract for anything the buyer specifically asked for, such as agreed-upon appliances. But don’t leave anything else.

The same goes for leaving a rental. Some landlords will charge extra fees to remove your left-behind belongings.

Before you go, double-check any storage closets, the basement, attic, garage, and any other place you tend to store things.

In Your New Home

Hopefully, your new home is just as clean as you are leaving your old home. Even if it is, doing a quick clean before you get settled in can make you feel better. Again, work room to room and top to bottom while cleaning.

The best way to do this is to clean before you begin moving all of your belongings in and unpacking. Pay particular attention to cabinets and floors, as these may be hard to clean later while you are unpacking.

How to Make Moving House Easier

Deep cleaning your entire home while you’re in the process of moving can be a bit stressful. One of the easiest ways to reduce your stress is by hiring professional cleaners. 

Some people think house cleaning services are only for people who can afford a weekly maid. But the truth is, you can hire professional cleaners for a one-time move-in and move-out cleaning doesn’t have to break the bank. Plus, it can more than makeup for the cost in benefits.

You’ll rest easy knowing everything is deeply cleaned and nothing is missed.

They can also double-check any nooks and crannies to make sure there isn’t any build-up of left behind dirt. Sometimes, these can be problem areas, such as when mold is found in an air vent. Professionals can thoroughly clean these areas, preventing a larger mold problem from growing.

While moving, you’ll need to deal with a million other tasks; taking one of the bigger ones off of your plate can reduce stress and give you time to focus on everything else that needs to be done.

Thoroughly Clean Your House before Moving

If you are moving house, it’s important that you give it a full deep clean before moving out. By cleaning strategically, you’ll be able to make sure you get it all done with less hassle. If you want to make cleaning before moving house even easier, reach out to the professional cleaners at Vantage Point Cleaning Services. 

We’ll take all of your moving cleaning off your plate, so you can focus on the rest of your to-do list. Contact us to get a quote today!

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