How to Choose the Best House Cleaning Service

In 2020, nearly 10% of American residences paid for a cleaning service in their homes. 

However, newly interested households often have trouble choosing a house cleaning company that fits their needs. 

Finding the right company can make all the difference in a good or bad experience. 

Keep reading to find out how to choose the best house cleaning service today!

Self Employed vs. Company 

When trying to find the best house cleaning service, you must decide who you want in your home. You can opt for an individual person or a company to give you the service that best fits your home. 

Hiring an individual person can provide your home with a more personal feeling since they will be the cleaner each time. This relationship can establish trust and can give you a more customized service. 

A large professional house cleaning company usually has more credentials and has a specific system for cleaning. This system often results in a quicker clean, since multiple employees can work in your home at once. 


Price is crucial when it comes to paying for any service. Most cleaning companies have a base price, and their rates go up depending on additional services. These extra costs could include any customizations you add to their base cleaning service. 

Before booking a cleaning, ask for a price quote. Then to get the best service, compare prices throughout your area. Ask each company what all comes with the price and what extra fees you might expect.

From there, choose the company that best suits your needs at the right price.  


Some homeowners are uncomfortable with the use of harsh chemicals or prefer specific cleaning solutions. Before you decide on a company to clean your home, be sure to find out what supplies they’ll be using. Knowing the supplies will also help ensure no health problems occur in your household. 

Additionally, some smaller companies or individual cleaners may not provide their own cleaning supplies. They will often need you to provide tools for them to use like vacuums, brooms, and mops. 

If that isn’t an option for you, consider going with a larger company. Large companies are usually very well equipped, meaning they won’t need you to provide them with anything. Their equipment is generally more substantial and efficient than most household tools as well. 

Reviews and References

When considering your options, always check out some reviews on the companies you’re considering. These reviews will give you insight into how they conduct business and if people were pleased with their services. These reviews will help you narrow down your options. 

After narrowing it down, you’ll want to go further in-depth with a reference list of each. Ask if the companies have references that you can contact. If they fail or refuse to provide this, it could be a red flag. 

Once they give you the references, call three to five previous clients. Ask them any questions you may have and if they would use their services again. Their opinions will help you in your final decision. 


Many people don’t realize how big of a necessity insurance is for cleaning companies. For legal reasons, always ask for proof of insurance from your cleaners. Insurance can save you time and money in the long run. 

Insurance will help protect you from any damages that occur in your home. If insured, the company will be responsible for any repairs or expenses. 

Your cleaning service also needs to provide their employees with workers’ compensation insurance. Without this insurance, you could potentially be responsible for any injuries that occur on the job. Legally, this could end up costing you thousands of dollars if they fail to provide workers’ comp.  


As previously mentioned, each company has a different cleaning system. They will often follow a specific cleaning checklist throughout your home. Ask to see this checklist or ask what exactly they will be cleaning. 

Their answer will let you know if you need to provide specific directions. Now is a great time to let them know if you don’t want something cleaned or to stay away from certain areas in your home. 

Background Checks

Often, homeowners are not present when a cleaning company is doing its job. Many people schedule their home cleanings while they’re at work or gone for the day. 

Since strangers will be in your home, it’s imperative to ensure they have a background check done through their employers. Your home is your safe zone, and you will only want trustworthy workers around your valuables.  

If they fail to provide a background check, you may want to go with another company for your safety. These checks can prevent any incidents or problems. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Always make sure the company you’re hiring has a satisfaction-guaranteed policy. These policies are in place to make sure the customer is happy with the service. It also establishes a sense of trust because you know the company will make things right. 

A satisfaction guaranteed policy is excellent when a company forgets to clean a particular area or doesn’t get things right the first time. The approach allows the customer to get what they paid for without any fuss.  

Hire a House Cleaning Service Today!

Hopefully, all of these tips will help you find the best house cleaning service for your home. Your stresses will be gone once you’re relaxing in your fresh and clean home.  

Contact us today for any questions or concerns you might have. Vantage Point Cleaning Services will take the proper care of you! 

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