Hot Tips on How to Clean an Oven Quickly

You have a list of daily and weekly cleaning tasks for your home. Each day, week, or month, you know exactly what needs to be cleaned and follow the routine. How often do you remember to clean your oven though?

Because the oven remains shut and out of sight for the majority of the time, it’s easy to forget about it. However, it’s important not to skip over this cleaning task. Did you know you should clean your oven after every use?

Cleaning an oven isn’t the most exciting thing, but when you know how to clean an oven quickly, you can make it shine again with ease! If you’re looking to learn how to clean an oven, then continue reading below. Here’s everything you need to know!

Mix Together a Cleaning Solution

Gather together all of your oven cleaning tools and create a DIY cleaning solution. A few tools you might need to get a perfectly clean oven are as follows:

  • non-scratch scouring pad
  • soft-bristled brush
  • white vinegar
  • baking soda
  • soap and water
  • oven cleaner
  • clean cloth

Create a cleaning solution by mixing hot water and baking soda together until it forms a paste. You’ll apply this paste to the inside of your oven to help remove stubborn food particles. You can spray white vinegar over the paste to boost the cleaning process. 

The paste should sit for about 15 minutes before wiping it clean with a damp cloth. You can use the paste on both the inside and outside of the oven where needed. Use a dry cloth to dry all areas when done. 

Clean the Stove First

You have your paste mixed together and you’re ready to begin cleaning. Start with the stove first. Use your non-scratch scouring pad and an oven cleaner to clean the top of the stove. You can use a damp cloth to then wipe clean. 

If your stovetop has removable burners, then remove these before wiping the stovetop clean. Clean the removable burners separately. You’ll then want to clean the door and doorknobs. 

To prevent excess moisture from leaking behind the knobs, spray a cloth with cleaner and then wipe the knobs down with the cloth. To clean the door, you want to scrape off any food particles first. Then, spray the door with your oven cleaner before wiping it clean. 

Remove Oven Racks

When you’re ready to move to the inside of the oven, make sure you remove the oven racks first to wash those separately. Fill a sink with hot water and dish soap for the racks to soak in. Let them soak for about 15-20 minutes. 

After they’re done soaking, use a soft-bristled scrubbing brush or the non-scratch scouring pad to gently scrub the oven racks clean. You can also place these racks in the dishwasher if needed. Make sure the racks are rinsed and dried completely before returning them to the oven.

While the oven racks are soaking, you can tackle the inside of the oven. 

Scrub the Inside

To clean the inside of your oven, you can use your mixture of baking soda and water. Apply this paste to the inside of the oven after removing the racks. Allow the paste to sit for at least 15 minutes. 

If the oven needs a cleaning boost, then spray the paste with white vinegar. After it sits for several minutes, you can then wipe it clean with a damp cloth. You may need to use oven cleaner and a soft-bristled scrub brush if there are stubborn food particles left inside. 

Don’t become discouraged if it takes a few tries before your oven is clean. If you don’t clean your oven on a regular basis, then it could take a bit more effort to make it shine again. 

Prevent a Greasy/Dirty Oven

One of the best ways to ensure a quick and easy clean each time is to prevent the oven from getting dirty in the first place. For starters, it’s beneficial to think of ways to stop food particles from sticking onto the inside of your oven. You can line the bottom of your oven with foil or consider using an oven sheet made specifically for this purpose. 

Once it gets dirty, you can simply remove it and replace it with a new one. When cooking meat and vegetables in the oven, you can use a roasting bag. The roasting bag will help prevent spills. 

If a spill does happen, which is still common, then be sure to clean it as soon as you’re done cooking and the oven is cool. You want to clean the oven each time after using it. This will prevent stubborn food and grease from being caked onto the inside of your oven. 

If you clean your oven after each use and use the proper tools to prevent spills, then you won’t have to worry about a difficult oven-cleaning process in the future. 

Hire Professional Cleaners

Getting an oven clean can be difficult at times. This is especially true if the oven hasn’t been cleaned in quite some time. Although a bit of elbow grease and effort could make your oven shine again, never hesitate to contact the professionals for help. 

Professional house cleaning services can clean your oven as part of your maid services. When calling around to find the best house cleaning services near you, be sure to ask if they’re able to clean your oven as well. With help from the professionals, you can relax and focus on other things while your entire home, including the oven, is left sparkling clean. 

Do You Know How to Clean an Oven Quickly?

If given the right tools, would you know how to clean an oven quickly? After reading through this guide on tips for cleaning an oven, of course, you would! However, that doesn’t mean you have the time to dedicate to it. 

When your oven needs professional cleaning, but your schedule is already filled with other important things to do, don’t hesitate to contact Vantage Point Cleaning Services. We’ll help you breathe a sigh of relief when you come home to a cleaning house and oven after a long day. 

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