Home Clean Home: The Unexpected Ways a Clean Home Improves Your Mental and Physical Health

Ah, the relief and pleasure of a clean home. Aesthetics aside, the benefits of cleaning a house are directly health-related.

If you haven’t had the time to clean, but we all know how it feels coming home to a cluttered space.

A clean home is important to building a new and improved healthy lifestyle. You might be wondering if this is a trick that your parents harped on for years — it’s not.

You’ll be surprised how a clean house can provide better sleep, diets, and overall function. Let’s cover a few of the unexpected health benefits of cleaning your house.

1. Improve Mental Health

If your home is cluttered, odds are high that your mind is too.

It’s difficult to explain, but let’s start from a physiological aspect. Regular practices of any kind are beneficial to mental health. Proper cleaning regiments are the same, providing a sense of mental peace.

Studies have found that a clutter-free home correlates to daily mood and your ability to focus.

Make sure you’re cleaning and organizing with a purpose. Keep only the essentials within arms reach and consider treating cleaning as a time to de-stress from life’s sometimes overwhelming pace.

Although it might be meditative for some more than others, mental health and environment cleanliness go hand in hand.

2. Physical Benefits of Cleaning

When it comes to your health, one of the benefits of consistent cleaning is the prevention of germs and the maintenance of physical health.

Across the world, millions of individuals call off sick from work and school. In order to keep your health moving full speed ahead, regularly disinfecting and cleaning surfaces in the home is key. The removal of bacteria through sanitization is a valuable practice.

Some of the biggest hot spots of bacteria are on items we use daily. Our cell phones, tv remotes, blankets, tables, and other items are grime collectors.

Make sure you’re enforcing a strong defense against the spread of germs.

3. Increases Active Lifestyles

A clean house means the body can use oxygen effectively when producing energy.

When you’re capitalizing on energy this facilitates an active lifestyle. The more active you are the more you’ll make cleaning a priority.

It’s a good idea to vacuum carpets twice a week, manage your room daily, make your bed, and wash dirty dishes after a meal. Keeping up on these little tasks will go a long way for a clean house.

Productivity and cleanliness are directly related. You’re proven to be less stressed and more concentrated when you’re around less mess. The distractions of cleaning can interrupt positive energy to continue your active lifestyle.

Even if you’re a clean person, not cleaning can make health issues like obsessive-compulsive disorder pop up. Make sure you’re staying on top of daily “chores”.

The more you get done weekly the more active you’ll be inside and outside of your home.

4. Manage Allergies

If your home isn’t clean, mold, mildew, and dust will multiply. This is a breeding ground for allergy symptoms.

These allergy influencers greatly reduce the air quality in a home. That’s why dusting ceiling fans, shelves, and baseboards are so important.

These are hot spots for the settling of dust without you noticing. Pay attention to furniture and items that aren’t handled often. It’s likely they’ll be covered in dust that could be a direct correlation to an allergy spike.

If you need an extra hand, try reaching out to a professional about their cleaning services.

5. Eating Healthier

Clutter can make you stressed. Even more so, clutter in the home directly relates to people consuming more calories. This stems from bad food choices and decisions.

A messy kitchen results in an average of 103 calories of bad foods like cookies. In a controlled situation, individuals without clutter only ate 38 calories worth of cookies.

Cookies aren’t the best proponent of healthy living, and comfort food is just as bad.

When people feel stressed, they eat. In turn, less clutter will result in better food choices and a healthier lifestyle overall.

6. A Good Night’s Rest

Falling asleep can be an issue for most Americans. In fact, 46 percent rate their sleep health as poor in quality.

We struggle to fall asleep for various reasons. However, the wrong environment for sleep can cause us to stay awake, interrupting deep sleep rhythms, and waking up throughout the night.

It’s true!

Even in your dreams cleanliness is an important part of waking up refreshed and prepared for the day.

7. Saving Money

You might be asking yourself, “how does saving money affect my health?”

It’s pretty evident the benefits of saving money on your mental health. When you save a good amount of money, life stressors seem less and less severe.

Taking care of the items in your home result in longer use and function. If you vacuum your carpet daily, it will last longer.

You’ll save money not buying the things you’ve already invested money in. This means cleaning will also keep things organized. Instead of misplacing an item and needing to buy another, you’ll be able to locate things easier.

You can save a lot of money by keeping the little things intact and your furniture clean.

Clean for Your Health

When it comes to the benefits of cleaning, your health is one of the most important factors.

We may forget how important it is to deal with clutter and daily dust pile-ups. The health benefits are endless. But who can you trust when your daily cleaning regiments aren’t enough?

Vantage Point Cleaning Services located out of Strongsville, Ohio provides house cleaning, special event cleaning, and move-in/out cleaning. Throughout the Strongsville area and nearby communities, Vantage Point has provided quality services for years.

Take your health seriously by cleaning effectively. Give us a call today for more information.

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