Everything You Need for Deep Cleaning Bedrooms

Did you know that the average American spends almost 6 hours a week cleaning their homes? As if regular cleaning weren’t enough, there comes a time where you need to deep clean your bedrooms too!

You might be ready to grab the towels, cleaning products, and everything else you already have in your closet so you can get to scrubbing. But without the right tools and knowledge, you might not properly clean everything. And even worse, you might even ruin your belongings!

If you’re going to be tackling deep cleaning bedrooms soon, you’ll want to keep reading. In this article, we’ll show you what you need to do to ensure that your rooms are pristine.

Clean Out the Clutter First

Before you can even think of cleaning, first get rid of all the clutter in your bedrooms. These things can make it harder and more time-consuming to clean, plus they might be unnecessarily taking up room and collecting dust (and who knows what else).

A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn or used something for over 2 years, you should get rid of it. This decluttering process might help you clear out some space in your bedrooms to make them feel more spacious!

Start With the Bed

Now that you’ve decluttered, the next step is to strip your bed. Throw your sheets and pillowcases into the washing machine so those get nice and fresh while you’re cleaning the rooms.

While the sheets are off, you’ll want to either rotate or flip your mattress. If it’s in poor shape, you might want to run the vacuum over it and then use a stain remover to spot clean it. Never just soak your mattress with water or cleaning solution, as some materials might get ruined from being wet (such as memory foam).

Once the stains are out, liberally sprinkle baking soda all over your mattress. You’ll want to leave it for a few hours (and handle other bedroom cleaning tasks) before vacuuming it all up.

You can repeat this process with the other side of the mattress if needed.

Clean Your Curtains, Blinds, and Windows

Curtains and blinds are places that can get heavy buildup of dust and grime. If you’ve got curtains, unhook them and put them in the washing machine if they’re made of a material that allows it.

Otherwise, you’ll want to dust your curtains and blinds thoroughly. Follow the dusting by wiping them down with a damp cloth.

Now, clean your windows with a glass cleaner, but only after wiping away the dust first with a dry cloth. You can also use this same technique on other glass objects in your room, such as your TV and pictures.

Clean the Light Fixtures

Cleaning light fixtures is something many homeowners forget to do, even with regular bedroom cleaning. So if you’re guilty of this, you’ll want to make sure you clean your light fixtures when deep cleaning your bedrooms.

Take your feather duster and run it all over the ceiling and light fixtures. If you can unscrew the glass, do so and then wash them in the sink. Soak them a little first if they’re a bit gunky.

You’ll want to tackle washing the glass first so it can dry off while you go about cleaning.

While you’re at it, dust off your ceiling fans if you have any. Then, go over the light fixtures and ceiling fans with a moist paper towel and an all-purpose cleaner.

This same cleaning method can be used for your plug-in fans too!

Clean Your Furniture

Now comes the hard part: cleaning your furniture. To properly deep clean, you’ll want to empty out bookcases and dust off everything that was in there. Then, dust the bookcase itself.

The same goes for things like lamps. Pull of the shade to clean the shade itself, then work on the lamp.

With most pieces of furniture, you can get away with just dusting and wiping with a slightly damp cloth after. However, you might have some mold and mildew, especially behind your pieces if they’re against the wall.

In this case, you’ll need to get yourself some commercial-grade mold and mildew remover. Wear a mask so you’re not inhaling the harsh chemicals, mold, or mildew, and get to scrubbing! Make sure you get every square inch, because any spores that are leftover will proliferate.

Hire Professionals

Deep cleaning bedrooms can take a lot of elbow grease. Not to mention, you’ll also need to be sure you’re using the right products. Otherwise, not only do you risk not thoroughly cleaning your rooms, but you might damage some items in the process as well.

Do yourself a favor and hire professionals like Vantage Point Cleaning Services to do the job for you. We have the knowledge, skills, and products to leave your bedrooms spic and span!

This also frees up your time so if you’re exhausted after a long week of work, you won’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty. It’ll allow you to rest up, recharge, and feel great!

Leave Deep Cleaning Bedrooms to the Pros

As you can see, deep cleaning bedrooms takes a lot of effort and time. And if you’re not doing it right, not only are you wasting time and money, but you might actually be ruining your belongings.

Don’t leave things to chance. Have professionals clean your house instead!

By investing a little money into cleaning services, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your well-deserved time off. And you’ll have complete confidence that your bedrooms are completely cleaned, without worry that damage has been done.

If you’re ready to hire experts to do some deep cleaning in your house, request a quote from us now. We’ll get back to you shortly!

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