9 Clever Closet Organization Ideas

Reorganizing your closet can feel challenging and stressful. For some, it can be difficult to downsize, and others might attach sentiment to unusable items. 

The importance of closet organization goes beyond keeping your things in order.

Not only is home organization and closet storage great to declutter your space, but it also helps to declutter the mind. Having an excess of “things” around the house can lead to an overproduction of cortisol – a stress-inducing hormone. 

If you want to know how to organize your closet, there are many ways to maximize your storage space and clear the clutter.

Keep reading for nine clever closet organization ideas for your home!  

1. Begin With a Purge 

Before you can take on any home organization project, decluttering is the first step. We are all guilty of hoarding items that you do not need. 

Here are helpful ways to help you do a pre-reorganization purge: 

  • Get rid of large items cluttering the garage or basement 
  • Donate items that you will no longer need to friends, family, or good-will 
  • Get rid of items that you have not used for six months or more. 
  • Throw away damaged items 

You also have to be a little bit assertive. Don’t take too much time ruminating over whether or not you should keep certain items.

You can even take it to the next level by getting your home professionally cleaned while you purge the unnecessary items.

2. Organize According to Season 

Seasonal items can be stored in hard-to-reach areas in the closet. Because they are used so rarely, you can utilize the space that is available but is out of reach. 

All of your winter clothes can be boxed and stored under your bed. Additionally, you can utilize a vacation suitcase as storage for seasonal items.

It is important to store these items in a clean and organized way. Because they are not used often, they are prone to collecting dust. It is said that disorganization and clutter can cause health issues not only from dust but mold and potential fire hazards. 

3. Hang Your Accessories

Hanging your accessories is great for closet organization. 

You can use decorative hooks or a hanger rod to hang up purses, belts, and scarves. This helps to hold the shape of your accessories and allows for each access. It also allows for easy browsing so that you can see what you have available instead of digging through your closet for a missing accessory. 

Jewelry, like necklaces and statement pieces, also look great draped on a mirror or a wall hook. If you have a vanity, this is a great place to hang jewelry. 

4. Add An Extra Level of Storage  

You can double the space in your closet by adding an extra shelf or an extra rod in your closet. 

Installing an extra rod is perfect if you use lots of hangers and give you twice the amount of space for your clothes. These rods can also be used for jewelry and accessories. 

Additionally, you can add an extra shelf for folded clothes, shoes, and purses. 

5. Use Other Areas as Storage in Your Home 

You might be accustomed to storing our shoes and clothing in the bedroom closet but there are so many other great options for storage around the house. 

Take an inventory of all of the other space and shelving available in your home. Your home office could potentially be used for storage space. Or maybe you can keep your shoes in a closet in the hallway. 

Make use of other closet areas to create a more relaxing environment in your bedroom. 

6. Organize Your Footwear 

Shoes take up a lot of space in the closet. They are awkwardly shaped and hard to organize. But we love shoes – the more the merrier – so we have to find a way to organize them. 

Here are a few ideas that can help you make room for all of your beloved shoes: 

  • Keep them off the ground with a shelf 
  • Use DIY shoe-stacking bins that neatly fit in the closet 
  • Use a shoe rack that hangs over the door 
  • Keep shoes organized by type or size  

These are just a few ways in which you can organize your shoe collection. Also, be sure to store away your shoes according to season. There is no need to keep winter boots accessible in your closet during the summer. 

7. Improve Hanging and Folding techniques 

This one is controversial as many people have their old folding styles. 

There are many ways to maximize closet space using hanging and folding techniques. Here are some handy tips to give your closet a coordinated and functional feel: 

  • Spoon together brassieres 
  • Use a vertical folding method for drawers
  • use a stacking method for dividers 
  • Keep purses stacked inside larger purses 

There are many ways to hang and fold that help you save closet space. Color coordinating your folded clothes can also help you save time when searching for items. 

8. Double Down on Hangers 

Using space-saving hangers is a great way to maximize your closet space. 

You can use one hanger for multiple shirts and use cascading hangers. Using one hanger or double-duty hangers for multiple items is also a way that you save space.

9. Label Everything 

If you want to keep a tidy bedroom, slap a label on each one of your storage bins and boxes. This helps you keep track of where things are when you have a time crunch. 

Also, this means that everything has a place and you can simply toss your items in each bin after you’ve used it. 

You can easily make these labels at home and get as creative and crafty as you’d like. 

The Top Drawer of Closet Organization Ideas

Organizing our space is as important as organizing our minds. If you want to know how to organize your closet, these handy closet organization ideas will make it easier for you to maximize your closet space.   

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