7 House Deep Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

How often should you clean your home? There are specific cleaning tasks that should be done in your home on a daily basis. These include cleaning the kitchen and surface areas. 

Every few days, you’ll want to clean the bathroom sink and declutter the home. This list continues for various cleaning tasks, but a few times year, you want to deep clean the house. While deep cleaning, you might focus on cleaning baseboards, walls, the over, pantries, and closets. 

During this time, be sure to avoid house deep cleaning mistakes. The last thing you want to do is make your cleaning any more difficult than it has to be. To ensure you have a simplified deep cleaning routine, continue reading below. 

Here’s the only deep cleaning preparation guide you need!

1. Trying to Clean Too Fast

We know how time-consuming deep cleaning the entire home can be. You have many other important responsibilities to keep up with during the day, and this might cause you to rush while cleaning. Don’t let this make you rush while cleaning, however. 

There are many great cleaning tips for an efficient and thoroughly clean, but what’s most important is that all of the cleaning is done correctly. Rushing through the cleaning process will only lead to regret later on when you realize it’s not as clean as you’d like it to be. 

Take your time deep cleaning the house now and save yourself cleaning time in the future as you won’t have to worry about recleaning anything. 

2. Not Cleaning From Top to Bottom

Another costly cleaning mistake is not cleaning from top to bottom. Before you start deep cleaning the house, make sure you begin with the highest cleaning tasks first. For example, start by cleaning/dusting your ceilings and ceiling fans.

Work your way down to the curtains and blinds. The next step is cleaning shelves, entertainment centers, and counters. If you clean the floors first and then clean the counters or ceiling fans, then you’re creating more work for yourself. 

Dust, dirt, and food crumbs can easily fall on your clean floors if you choose to clean the floors first. This creates more work for you, which is unnecessary. 

3. Forcing Yourself to Clean in One Day

Ideally, you’d choose one day to deep clean the entire house and be done with it in a couple of hours. This might work well for small apartments, but trying to deep clean an entire home in one day isn’t realistic. Setting expectations like this for yourself also forces you to rush and feel overwhelmed and stressed out. 

Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it. Spread out the cleaning tasks so that you can deep clean while paying attention to detail in the time given. It might take an entire weekend or week to finish all of the cleaning tasks, and that’s fine. 

4. Skipping Out on the Difficult Tasks

There are some cleaning tasks that are much more difficult than others. Some things we can do quickly without much efforts, such as dusting or wiping down surfaces. However, you don’t want to skip out on cleaning the difficult stuff just because it’s difficult. 

Showers, bathtubs, toilets, baseboards, ovens, and dishwashers all need to be cleaned as well. These cleaning tasks take more time and attention to detail, but you don’t have to worry about cleaning them every day. Dedicate a few minutes of your time to cleaning these areas of the home a few times a year to keep them in good condition. 

5. Starting a Deep Clean Unprepared

One way to make your cleaning efforts more difficult than they have to be is starting to deep clean without being fully prepared first. Don’t start cleaning until you know you have everything you need. Write out a cleaning list of all the cleaning tasks you’re going to do. 

Then, make sure you have all of the required equipment to get the cleaning done. Not only do you want to have cleaning supplies such as soaps, cleaners, and scrub brushes, but you also want to have gloves and clothes you don’t mind getting ruined. 

6. Failing to Clean the Items You Clean With

Here’s something some people don’t stop to think about: cleaning your cleaning tools. If your cleaning tools aren’t clean themselves, then how much cleaning are you doing? You can’t clean a surface with a dirty rag, and you can’t clean the floors with a dirty mop.

Take the time to clean all of your cleaning tools and supplies, including your vacuum, duster, mop, rags, and garbage disposal. 

7. Trying to Tackle Everything Alone

Tackling an entire house deep cleaning alone is a tough job. If living with several family members, then be sure to delegate various cleaning tasks to each person. When everyone works together, the cleaning gets done much faster. 

Hiring professional house cleaning services is also beneficial for many families and individuals. When you don’t have the time to deep clean your home on a regular basis, leave it to the professionals!

Were You Making These House Deep Cleaning Mistakes?

Do any of these house deep cleaning mistakes sound familiar to you? If you were making any of these mistakes, there’s no need to worry. These are common mistakes, and luckily there’s one ultimate solution to them all: hiring a house cleaning service. 

When you want to spend your time with family, getting work done, or simply relaxing instead of cleaning, Vantage Point Cleaning Services is here to help. At Vantage Point Cleaning Services, we offer a variety of house cleaning services to ensure a disinfected and clean home on your schedule.

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