7 House Cleaning Tips All New Homeowners Should Know

Did you know that, on average, Americans spend up to six hours a week cleaning their homes?

Whether or not you’re home a lot, having a clean space to call your own can be a relief. Not only is it great for your mental health, but it can make life a lot easier to live. You don’t have to worry about the mess if people come over, and your allergies won’t become bothersome if you have pets.

What are the best house cleaning tips for new homeowners, though? How can you be sure you’re doing everything correctly?

Read on for seven of the best tips you need to know about.

1. Work From Top to Bottom

It’s essential to start from the top of your space and continue to work your way down.

This means, with your duster, cleaning any dander, dust, or cobwebs from the ceiling. You should also check corners, fans, vents, and light fixtures that haven’t been cleaned in a long time. If your vacuum has a telescopic attachment, you can also use that to clean hard-to-reach areas.

2. Have a Cleaning Caddy

When you gather all your supplies in a caddy, tote, or bucket, having all your supplies in one location is going to make things a lot easier. You won’t spend time searching for your tools, nor will you have to worry about gathering everything up before your next cleaning day.

You’ll know exactly where everything is, making it a lot easier to get started when you don’t want to.

3. Clear the Clutter

Next, before you even start cleaning, it’s a great idea to clear out unnecessary clutter.

If you haven’t cleaned clutter in a while, it’s best to go through your items one at a time. You can decide whether to keep, donate, or throw away anything you find.

If you don’t have a lot of clutter laying around, though, grab a basket. Go from room to room and pick up the items that don’t belong. From there, you can clean your home and then put items away as you go.

4. Wipe Down Mirrors and Windows

Did you know that windows are a priority for 49 percent of spring cleaners?

It’s important to ensure you’re cleaning both the glass and the windowsills, as it’s what’s going to help eliminate things like mold and mildew around the frames and window sills. If you do notice mold or mildew, you can clean things up by mixing one part bleach with three parts warm water. From there, you simply scrub the mold away with a toothbrush or other abrasive sponge.

From there, grab a plastic bag, wrap the brush or sponge in it, and then throw it away immediately to prevent it from spreading.

If you have window coverings, be sure to vacuum them to remove pet fur or other debris.

5. Don’t Forget the Bathroom

It may seem obvious, but it’s important to ensure you don’t forget to clean out the cracks and crevices in your bathroom. This means the toilet, tub, shower, countertops, and especially the floors.

Using non-abrasive cleaners, clean and disinfect the toilet and counters. If you have a shower stall, you can use a vinegar solution to dissolve the materials. Simply mix equal parts vinegar and dish detergent in a spray bottle, then allow the mixture to sit for about 30 minutes.

From there, rinse everything clean with a sponge or cloth.

6. Sweep Then Mop

Once you’ve worked your way to the bottom, remember to start with sweeping, then move to mopping.

For sweeping, you’ll want to make sure you start in the corners of the room and then move to the center. Ensure you’re sweeping towards you to control the dust and debris that rises into the room.

Start with the furthest corner, then move back towards the doorway. This will stop you from walking back over the area you just mopped to leave the room. It’s best to rinse the mop each time you complete a 4-by-4 area in the room.

7. Not Every Task Is Weekly

Finally, remember that you don’t have to complete every task on a weekly basis.

While cleaning things like your counters and floors often is essential, you don’t have to dust your ceiling nearly as often. Create a schedule that contains the following:

  • Daily cleaning tasks
  • Weekly cleaning tasks
  • Monthly cleaning tasks
  • Quarterly cleaning tasks
  • Annual cleaning tasks

Daily and weekly cleaning tasks should include things like washing bed sheets or wiping down your counters.

Monthly tasks can include dusting the ceiling fans, washing the curtains, or cleaning your windows. On a quarterly basis, you’ll need to clean your walls, wipe down your pantry shelves, and remove all the shelving from your refrigerator to wipe everything off.

On an annual basis, you can complete tasks like cleaning the walls and ceiling, steaming carpets, and having the chimney and fireplace cleaned. This is also a great time to check off maintenance tasks like having your HVAC unit serviced and repaired if necessary.

Don’t Neglect These House Cleaning Tips

You don’t realize how nice keeping a clean home is until you’ve made it part of your routine. Things are easier to keep track of and you’ll always know exactly what to do when the time for cleaning finally comes. You can use these house cleaning tips to keep up with your schedule and breathe in the fresh air every time you come home!

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to keep track of everything. Luckily, we can help you out. Contact us today to get started.

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