We are fully bonded and insured company

No, but you are welcome to stay. It’s nice to meet our staff and go over anything in your home that you feel is pertinent. It is not necessary as we will record all the details for your home cleaning and provide it to our staff prior to their arrival.

The average size home, with average cleaning needs on a bi-weekly service schedule takes about 2 – 2.5 hours for staff members to complete. Vantage Point Cleaning Services pricing is based on the services provided, not on time provided. We clean what we promised to clean to your satisfaction, even if it takes longer than planned. You will never be billed for services that were not discussed or scheduled.

Vantage Point Cleaning Services staff are experienced with many of these surfaces and will always supply the highest quality cleaning products for all your delicate surfaces, at no extra cost to you. The cleaning products used are critical to performing top-quality services. Alternatively, if you have a product you would prefer Vantage Point Cleaning Services to use, just leave it out on the day of your scheduled cleaning.

Vantage Point Cleaning Services accepts checks made payable to “Vantage Point Cleaning Services” or cash. Payment is to made at the time of service, if you are not home payment can be left in an envelope marked “CLEANING”.

No! We dislike contracts just as much as you do. You’re never obligated to a long-term contract. We prefer to earn your continued patronage based on our cleaning services provided rather than based on a contract.

Vantage Point Cleaning Services is fully insured for your protection. We are a fully bonded company and carry both general liability insurance and worker’s compensation. This combination provides complete coverage for you and your home. The nature of cleaning your home requires us to touch virtually all items in your home, we treat your home with the greatest care however, should an accident or breakage occur we will contact you as soon as possible to make every effort to have the item repaired or replaced.

We ask that you please provide 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or change you’re cleaning service appointment as this will allow us ample time to schedule other clients.

When scheduling your cleaning Vantage Point Cleaning Services will provide you with an approximate time. Although, many things can effect our arrival time such as cancellations, traffic, inclement weather or clients adding extra services. We know your time is valuable and we are generally very punctual. If circumstances are affecting our arrival time we will call you.

Those of us that have pets tend to think of them as family. We know you are concerned about their well being. Vantage Point Cleaning Services will take great care to minimize the stress that your pet encounters when a stranger enters their home.

It’s really up to you. It is helpful that you take a few minutes to tidy things up. That saves us time, and you money. This will also allow our staff to devote all of their time to cleaning your home instead of looking for a place to put your things.

To schedule any additional special services please call Vantage Point Cleaning Services at 440-283-6674 prior to your scheduled cleaning service so that we may bring the required products and allow for additional time. Special services are an additional charge such as interior oven cleaning, interior refrigerator or freezer cleaning.

Our staff work together on most larger homes. Smaller homes require less staff. Our teams consist of 2, 3 or 4 staff members working together depending on the home.

We know that you want to be familiar with who is in your home. We make every attempt to send the same team each time services are provided. Occasionally, there may a change in staff due to illness, vacation or scheduled days off.

About 80% of our clients give us a spare key to keep on file, a garage code, or directions for the alarm system. For your protection all keys are assigned a security code, labeled & tagged. No identifying information is put on any key. We take extreme measures to protect each key in our possession.

Most of our clients choose either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service. It depends on how much you want to maintain between visits, your budget, and your household needs.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding cleaning services, please send your questions to jeannie@vantagepointcleaningservices.com or ask us on Facebook!