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messyYour house has people living in it, we get it.  We know that it’s difficult to keep a clean home, especially if you have kids, pets…husbands.  We know that life happens, and sometimes 2-3 days after a cleaning visit, the house becomes messy again very quickly.

After a cleaning visit, you get to walk into your home that has been completely cleaned by someone else and do the things you actually want to do instead of having to worry about cleaning.  It’s one of the most wonderful, relaxing feelings in the world.  And then your kids get home from school, or the dog comes in from outside, and you get frantic that you won’t be able to keep it looking that way without a huge amount of effort.

Don’t worry, though!  We have some tips to help you keep your home clean between cleaning visits without having to go through and completely clean it again yourself only a few days later (that would defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it?).

  1. Do just a little bit at a time – Break up the tasks that you have to do rather than taking a few hours to do everything at once. You don’t have to scrub and powerwash things since your home has already been professionally cleaned, so it’s just a matter of doing a little bit of maintenance cleaning and being on your way.  Wipe down the mirrors or counters quickly, do a quick Swiffer of the floors, or whatever else you think needs to be done.  Don’t put more than 5 minutes per day into maintenance cleaning (isn’t that great news?)!
  2. Find a place to put all your things – A lot of people notice things getting out-of-control messy when things don’t have a proper place. They get done using them or walk in the door and just put things everywhere.  This leads to toys all over the floor, papers all over the counter, and shoes in the middle of walkways.  Make sure everything has a place.  A shoe rack, a toy chest, some cute decorative baskets to store mail or kids’ hats and gloves, whatever works for you.  Check out Pinterest to get some great organizational ideas, and make sure everything goes back into its place when it’s done being used!
  3. Keep the dishes clean as they get dirty – After any meal (or snack), you probably notice dishes piling up dirty dishesin the sink. It’s no fun to stand and do dishes for a half hour at a time because the sink has gotten so backed up with dirty dishes.  Do the dishes as they’re dirtied.  It might seem annoying at the time, but it will take about 30 seconds, and you can be on your way.  Even better, make sure you have the dishwasher ready to be loaded at all times, and just rinse your plate and throw it in there!  We know it’s easier said than done with a house-full of people, but remind your kids that if they do the dishes right away then they’ll have more time to do what they want to do after dinner!
  4. Help keep your floors clean by guiding guests – Place thick floor mats by each door, and ask guests to leave their shoes at the door. Anyone who lives in the home can put their shoes in the closet or on the designated rack.  This keeps the floors clean from mud, dirt, and anything else tracked in from the house.  Another clean floor tip is to keep an old towel by the door if you have a dog and wipe off his paws every time he comes in from outside!
  5. Don’t let stains set – Stains happen. Things are dropped, get spilled, marker gets on the floor…whatever caused the stain, make sure you clean it up right away.  Try white vinegar and water (25% vinegar, 75% water) to clean it up.  You can also soak a rag (make sure it’s not colored so the color doesn’t bleed onto the floor) with cold water and let it soak up some of the stain before trying to get it out.  The longer you leave a stain, the longer it’s going to take to get out.

The best part about getting your house professionally cleaned is that once it’s been scrubbed down by professionals, maintaining the clean is quick, easy, and often about prevention.  This saves you a ton of time, energy, and sanity, and will have everyone who walks into your home a little jealous.

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