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Cold and FluAaaaaa-CHOOO! Ah, the familiar sounds of winter. When everyone around you is sporting a drippy nose or running a fever, how do you protect yourself against colds and flus?

Here are 2 ways to be sure you stay healthy.

  1. Wash Your Hands

After you shake hands, touch surfaces, use the restroom … there basically aren’t “too many” times you can wash your hands. Be sure to follow best practices by keeping hands well immersed in running water to wash germs down the drain, and be sure to rub soap over all parts of your hands. Lavender essential oil can work to sanitize hands in a pinch.

  1. Eat Well

A healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables gives your body the vitamins it needs to fight infection. Protein has also been found to build the immune system and help avoid sickness.

  1. Keep Those Hands Away

Avoid touching your nose and eyes, transferring germs to vulnerable mucous membranes. It’s one of the fastest ways germs get into your body and make you sick.

  1. Get Enough Rest

When you’re tired, your immune system doesn’t function as efficiently and your body is more susceptible. This is particularly true when you feel yourself coming down with something.

  1. Exercise

Sweating pushes toxins out of the body, and exercise strengthens the immune system. Yoga, in particular, has been found to have immune system benefits.

  1. Play Keep Away

When people around you are showing symptoms, keep your distance from them. This can be harder to do with close friends or family members, but germs are passed by close contact.

  1. Drink Up

Water keeps the body hydrated and helps flush toxins from the body.  Germs

  1. Smile

Research has shown that happiness helps people stay healthier.

  1. Get a Flu Shot

Although flu shots won’t protect you against every strain of flu, many people find them to be effective. Be sure to get yours early to avoid shortages.

  1. Meditate

People in a study from the University of Wisconsin – Madison were found to take 76% fewer sick days than did their non-meditating counterparts. Scientists believe that meditation fights illness by helping the body avoid stress.

  1. Take Vitamin D

Canadian researchers found that weekly doses of 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 reduced the risk of upper respiratory infections—colds—by about 50 percent.

  1. Stop Smoking

Not only does smoking lead to increased illness, simply spending time around smokers does the same thing.

  1. Stop Drinking


Alcohol consumption impairs sleep, and getting enough sleep is necessary to fight stress and illness.

    Flu 14. Keep Your Nose Warm


Breathing in cold air has been found to increase susceptibility to colds. Conversely, breathing in steam from tea has been found to help the cilia inside the nose filter germs more effectively. (And if you like tea, you could be getting an added benefit: honey is antibacterial and lemon helps thin mucus.)

15. Wipe It Down

Regularly cleaning surfaces with proper cleaning agents can kill germs and avoid the transfer of all kinds of illness.

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