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holiday partiesHosting parties during the holiday season can be a lot of fun and even better, you don’t have to leave the house! However, hosting parties also comes with a lot of preparation which can quickly become overwhelming if you wait too long. If you are thinking about hosting a party in your home this holiday season, take a look at these 5 tips we put together for you to help decrease that stress and allow you to enjoy yourself!

 1. Create a list.

Writing a list of everything you have to do before the party can help you visualize just how much you really have to do. It is important to do this at least two weeks ahead of time so that you have enough time to put your list into a schedule and actually perform the tasks. Once you have created the list, go through and number the tasks in order of most to least importance. Prioritizing the items can help you narrow down the list

  1. Break the cleaning up.

Grab a blank calendar, write your normal schedule in black ink, and then determine what days you have free time and how much time you have. Then, spread the tasks out throughout the calendar in a different color. Make sure to only do 1-1.5-hour spurts of cleaning… breaking it up into chunks will increase your efficiency!

  1. Get the kitchen ready.

Clean kitchenThe kitchen gets the most traffic, so having it clean and prepared will save you time in the long run. Some of the most important things to do are clean the sink, empty the dishwasher and make sure there is an empty trash can in the kitchen. There is nothing more annoying than having no place for dishes or having to take the garbage out in the middle of the party. You can even take the extra step and prepare further by setting the table early and laying a sheet over it.

  1. Simplify the atmosphere.

Many people get worked up about the lack of party decorations they have and try to go all out to make their home look festive. But really, simplifying your décor is the way to go! Having decorations all over the place may clutter up the space too much and stress you out even more. Sometimes less is better!

  1. Clean only the areas that are needed.

If there is an area of your house that won’t be used or seen, don’t worry about cleaning it! It is okay to keep some areas the way they are. Just close the door and move on. Stick to cleaning only the rooms that the guests will be in.


The holidays can be stressful, and every year people get so caught up in the stress that they barely have time to enjoy themselves. Taking the initiative to plan and prepare for a party ahead of time will ensure that your holidays are stress-free. And if you are still feeling stressed, have no fear! We are always here to help with all your cleaning needs 😊

If you just don’t have the time to do the cleaning yourself, give us a call at Vantage Point Cleaning Services for a free quote!