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While you’re planning how to live a better life in 2018, remember to think about the state of your home. Messy, dirty spaces can bring down your mood and waste considerable time and energy. Here are 10 cleaning resolutions to help you keep up with the mess and make this the best year yet!

1. Make Your Bed

Ok, this one has scientific proof to back it up. Studies show that making your bed each morning leaves you feeling prepared to handle the day’s stresses. Somehow, having a neat bed can overshadow the pile of laundry and film of dust on the bureau top.

2. Let Your Products Do the Cleaning

Cleaning is a chore, yes, but it shouldn’t be that hard. If you’re using too much elbow grease, maybe you’re not using the right product for the job. It also helps to apply the cleaner, wait ten minutes, and then wipe. Most cleaners need time to do the job properly.

3. Clean the Bath Once a Week

When you wait too long to clean the bathroom, disgusting and unmentionable dirt can build up. Cleaning the bath regularly keeps soap scum, mold, mildew, and other nasties under control. All you really need to do on a weekly basis is scrub the tub/shower enclosure, clean the sink and toilet, use a glass cleaner on the mirror, and wipe down the floor.

Bonus: Wiping bathroom surfaces down each night will make the weekly cleaning easier.

4. Line Your Oven

Instead of using harsh oven cleaners, line the inside of your oven to catch drips. Gone are the days where you need to use foil as a liner; just grab a dishwasher-safe silicone oven liner. They’re like a Silpat baking sheet liner for your oven. Just wipe the spills away!

5. Layer Your Liners

Hate digging in the pantry for a new trashcan liner each time? Instead, line the can with multiple bags at once. When the innermost bag fills up, simply lift it out and dispose of it. The new bag will already be waiting in the can.

6. Do a Clean Sweep Each Night

Right before bed, do a quick walkthrough of your home. Recycle the junk mail, put dishes in the dishwasher, hang up coats and towels, and tackle other small clean-up tasks. You’ll wake up to a house that feels cleaner and more organized.