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New YearA new year signals new beginnings. It’s a time to renew, refresh, and to get it right. We’re a month into the New Year, so we’ve had plenty of time to consider our resolutions! As well as making New Year’s resolutions for yourself, why not make them for your home, too? A more beautiful, efficient, and clean home makes for a better you.

Here are our top tips for an improved home in 2018:

1. Give It Away

If you’re like most people, you have things lying around that you don’t really need. These things take up space not just physically, but emotionally. They need organization and maintenance. And, they get in the way of us finding things and keeping our spaces light and bright.

Set a doable schedule for tackling all areas of your house that hold clutter. A good test of whether something needs to go could be, “Do I use it, wear it, or love it?” Also, consider things that are the wrong size, broken, or dated. Whatever criteria you choose, apply it without emotion and make the tough cuts. Items could be donated to charity or passed to someone that has a real use for them.

While you’re at it, you could do some reorganizing of the things you decide to keep. Use baskets, trays, and drawers/closets to store like things with like. Consider displaying functional yet beautiful items on shelves or in a curio cabinet.

To keep clutter from accumulating all over again, be careful about what you bring into your home. If you don’t really need it, don’t let it in!

2. Fix It Up

It’s natural that homes start to slip a bit as time goes by. Walls get scuffed, furniture gets worn, and appliances need cleaning and maintenance. Systematically tackling these jobs can breathe new life into a tired space.

One of the best ways to rejuvenate a room is by changing the walls. Spruce up the paint by cleaning the walls and applying a refresher coat, or go the extra step and choose an entirely new color. Artwork, wall hangings, and mirrors can also completely alter the feel of a space.

Next, look over your furniture with a critical eye. Is it looking shabby? Consider cleaning and treating upholstered and wood surfaces. If fabric is excessively worn, reupholstering or replacement might be in order.

Then, check your owner’s manuals to see when appliances need routine cleaning or other maintenance. If the manual doesn’t give clear instructions for this, you could probably find a good YouTube video showing you how.

3. Make It Healthy

With the growing awareness of the tons of toxins in our homes, it pays to create a healthy environment. Lingering dirt and germs, poor air quality, and a depressing ambiance have a high cost in health and wellbeing. Make it a priority to tackle and eliminate them.

Keeping a home picked up and clean is a cheap, easy way to ensure health. It just takes a little time and diligence to tackle the dirt, especially if you have a habit of putting things away. Homes should get basic cleanings at least weekly and deep cleanings at least twice per year. Keep your cleaning supplies and tools organized and close at hand to make the job easier.

Concerned about air quality? Make sure your appliance filters are clean and replaced on schedule. Test your home for radon; one in every fifteen homes has elevated levels of this dangerous gas. Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms should be positioned correctly and have fresh batteries. Lastly, always clean the lint out of your dryer filter. It’s flammable and could cause a house fire.

To put the final touch on your healthy home, consider some new houseplants. They can be attractively displayed on baskets, wood or metal cubes, or on the floor. Remember to add a tray beneath the plant to protect surfaces from water damage.

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